Sunday, July 27, 2008

UMNO Election (Update 4) and PR's choice for DPM (update 1)

Update 4 (28/7): Tok Pa pulled out from the race.

Update 3 (27/7): Datuk Seri Utama Mohamad Hassan pulled out from the VP race.

Update 2 (25/7): List of UMNO Vice Presidency candidates:
  1. DS Hishamuddin Tun Hussein
  2. DS Syed Hamid Albar (being challenged at Division)
  3. TS Rahim Tamby Chik
  4. DS Khaled Nordin
  5. DS Ali Rustam
  6. TS Muhammad Muhammad Taib
  7. DS Shafie Afdal
  8. DS Adnan Yaakob
  9. DS Musa Aman
  10. TS Mohd Isa Abdul Samad
  11. DS Rais Yatim (being challenged at Division by his deputy Datuk Yunus Rahmat, Klawang State Assemblyman)
  12. DS Shahidan Kassim
  13. Datuk Zahid Hamidi
  • One branch attempted to open the flood gates by nominating Datuk Seri Najib as UMNO president. One division in Johor might follow suit. Other contests:
  • Sembrong, Kubang Pasu (TDM's former division), Balakaban (enjoying pension money after declining deputy minister post), Beaufort, Sipitang have nominated AAB as President and DSNR as Deputy President.
  • Gua Musang nominated their chief as candidate for presidency
  • Putrajaya plans to also nominate AAB and DSNR this Saturday
  • D Mukhriz supports DS Hisham's notion that the top two posts should be contested
  • PR has officially announced DSAI as their choice for the top seat should PR takes over from BN government. The question is, who is their choice for DPM? PAS will be furious if the composition of the newly formed government does not have at least 60% of Malay YBs after the planned hop in September (now DSAI says the plan has been delayed because of the sodomy case). PAS has already met with their UMNO counterparts to discuss issues regards the Malays and Islam. Will this widen the crack in Pakatan Rakyat?


JabbR said...

Dont u think DSAI created this sodomy issue just as an excuse bcos he knows very well that he cant be the PM by 16 Sept?

opcharlie said...

very unlikely. he looks way too nervous for it to be part of his plan.