Saturday, July 12, 2008

Career Talk at Royal Military College

Had another career talk at RMC. It's been difficult to secure slots for OPs this year. It has been equally challenging to find volunteers. Despite all these issues, we finally had one session today. Took some photos of Sungai Besi town and RMC. These might turn out to be a classic collection in years to come because of the possible relocation of RMC. I got a bit emotional today hence all the snapping. Dad said RMC should be in a better shape with the new location; fully equipped with upgraded and more resilient infrastructure against typical budak boy vandalism and most importantly unlimited supply of water. I argued about the power lines and why NDU is claiming our spot. In the end, seniors normally win debates. Juniors get on the ground and take 20 push-ups.

The default hang out place for PPs and OPs alike has been standing at the same corner for years.

In the middle of Sungai besi town. Hasn't changed an inch since we left in 96.
As you approach the guard house, the sign "University Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia" stands out like a sore thumb. The sign "Maktab Tentera Diraja" is on the left side and is still there.
The fields on both side of the road are now properties of UPNM.

This is now the unofficial 'border' between UPNM and RMC.

Director of Studies Shahrudin, Commandant Kept Alias and Army Lawyer Chief Instructor Maj Feizol.
OP Habibur eloquently delivering his speech.

Commandants since Sir Gerald Templar, founder of the then Federation Military College.

Chicken chop at Sand Dune. Farouk's favorite.

Proud to be part of this tradition. I'm expecting my son to be the third generation.


ddude said...

The nation needs more of people like you. I'm sure you'll do good to the nation one day! keep up the spirit

~ayoi~ said...

Every time I looked at a picture of this Alma mater, it always bring back fond memories (bitter or sweet).

I remembered we met once for Nasi Lemak breakfast in Kampung Baru, and you were asking a favor to give a career talk in Civil Service. Unfortunately, due to clashed of schedule, I was unable to make it. I do hope, once I got back to Malaysia next year, I'll be able to contribute. We are lacking in numbers of OPs in Civil Service nowadays.

Berkhidmat Memimpin..

opcharlie said...

we had a survey to gauge career interest. one guy raised his hand for interest in PTD. at least ade jugak sorang!

bats said...

man, them pics sure bring back the good times. i'm sure it was even better then, when we actually 'owned' most of the joint.

fuh, check out the roofing over the tangga and all la. gile high class.

so what was the response from the boys like la? good to know there's still some interest in the civil service.

~ayoi~ said...

Charlie: Great to hear at least there's a PP knows the existing of the PTD service. Lack of knowledge of the service selalunya buat org tak aware the existence of it. Personally I got to know about PTD pun bila I worked abroad few years back.

As I said, next year, I'll be glad to participate.