Sunday, July 20, 2008

Inul's concert cancelled

What's wrong with this picture? With one day before the concert, a few agencies agreed to cancel the concert after granting permission (another flip flop). This shows such immaturity. What should be the basis of the cancellation? Perhaps it's the controversial way of Inul's dance move.

1. Why approve it in the first place?
2. If we are against the 'obscene' and 'controversial' dancing style, why don't we ban MTV and Channel V (as if people can't youtube)? As if the dancers at our local clubs are not controversial.
3. Isn't that a big loss of revenue for the city (from taxes), hawkers, restaurant operators with an estimated of 8,000 ?
4. If we're willing to go that extra mile, how about the sales of alcohol to minors & Muslims at the pubs in JB and other vice activities in the city? If we want to clean our act up, we can't be partial and hypocritical.


bats said...

damn, think of all those thousands of illegal immigrants who'll be absolutely crushed to miss out on some old fashioned booty shakin...

but you're right, this half-arsed implentation of almost everything is the root to most of our problems.

here's the thing. i've seen this bird in action and really, it's nothing to get the national knickers in tangle about. whoever issued this directive should look at other problems, like deep rooted corruption, which definately isn't the teaching of any religion in the world and attempt to address that.

it's too simple to ban some skin, some booze and claim that they're protecting our soceity. we see right through this bollocks.

how about addressing corruption for a change. protect us from that, maybe...

moral police. what a freakin joke.

bats said...

weh, The Star this morning reported she's now allowed to shake her a$$.

with all this flip-flopping, who needs Inul and Beyonce man.