Sunday, July 20, 2008

US$52M in June

The Meaning of Obama's $52-Million Month

While our leaders have to fork out money for plane tickets, hotel, petrol, cigarette; the developed nations chip in to support their presidential candidates with both sides having a war chest of almost US$180M combined. That's some serious money from lobbyists, special interest groups, concerned citizens, girl scouts, etc. If the Old Putera Association starts collecting US$30k per table, we could have our own President run for any party presidency. Something to ponder.

"Two numbers tell the entire Obama story: $2 million and $68. The latter is the average size of a contribution to the Obama campaign in June. The amazing thing is that it's about $30 lower than the average contribution in May, April or March. This indicates that the senator attracted a massive number of new $5, $10, $20 donors once the primaries ended--presumably from the ranks of devoted Dems who had (until then) supported Hillary Clinton" (think about the last time your supporter chipped in RM68 for you).

Ultimately, Obama could raise more than $250 million by Election Day if he continues at this pace--and judging by his expanding pool of small donors, he will".

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bats said...

campaigning... fantastic isn't it? thing is, you see it in every nation on this planet. those that are in government at the time of elections tend to umm, 'leverage' off the nation's bloated coffers.

having said that, regardless what goes on outside, what happens at home is my concern. while the opposition parties go about fund-raising the 'conventional' way, how does BN come up with their funds. sure there may be donors here and there, but let's not kid ourselves. how come it's possible to distribute cash at all levels of the hierarchy, going just on donor funds?