Friday, July 25, 2008

Terengganu MB prefers Mercedes (update 8)

Update 8 (27/7): Excos were seen using the mercs less the visitors, despite instructions from numero uno. So far, 9 have been questioned by ACA regarding the high maintenance costs incurred for the Perdana V6 fleet.

Update 7 (26/7): Now Datuk Ahmad Said is requesting ACA to investigate the other 'mega projects' instead of picking on the little cases. Meanwhile, Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin made it clear that the cars used by Terengganu State Executives cost RM542 per year on average for maintenance. Meanwhile, correction for update 6: PM approved the procurement of the cars but not to be used by Excos, only for state visitors. Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh is also considering to file a lawsuit against the Terengganu State Government for producing erroneous figures. State Secretary Datuk Mokhtar Nong apologized for the inaccurate figure, claiming it was a regrettable by a clerk. Dato' Seri Najib is urging Terengganu to consider this case closed.

Update 6 (25/7): PM approved the use of Mercedes for Terengganu MB and State Excos, according to Terengganu MB himself during a press conference today after lunch.

Update 5 (25/7): The Terengganu Exco spent RM1M for the last 4 years to maintain their fleet of Perdana V6 cars (clever attempt to divert attention to the former MB). Meanwhile, the current Exco line up is adamant to use the newly procured Benzs.

Update 4 (24/7): BPR has been mobilized to investigate the procurement of the Merdeces cars and whether proper procedure was followed. Datuk Ahmad Said defended himself by releasing the maintenance expense of the car used by former MB, Dato' Idris Jusoh. The costs of maintenance were allegedly increased by 25% higher than actual for some reason.

Update 3 (24/7): For someone who defied the Prime Minister of Malaysia during the selection of Menteri Besar, I don't think Datuk Ahmad Said really cares what people think about the procurement of the cars. Despite showing the "Surat Pekeliling Perbendaharaan Bil. 1 Tahun 2008", Datuk Shahrir Samad said that all administrators including Menteri Besar are supposed to use the national car. The need for other CKD cars apply for 4-wheel drives for special purposes or other types of vehicles for specific use.

Update 2 (23/7): Cost to maintain Perdana V6 is RM175k.

Update 1 (21/7) : DS Najib to discuss the purchase by Terengganu MB in the next cabinet meeting. " “Saya guna kereta nasional dan Perdana Menteri pun gunakan kereta nasional,” katanya.

After bulldozing his way to MB's office, defying the Prime Minister with the backing of the King himself and demanding the return of royalty money for Terengganu from oil exploration.... his first act as Menteri to purchase Mercedes for fellow exco members. His justification is that Proton cars don't last for more than 2 years. Should he suggest that PM, DPM and cabinet ministers trade-in their V6's to E200s? Syabas Terengganu folks for choosing your distinguished leader! Please let us know when leaders are ready to get some work done.


GnomeFan said...

wth is wrong with him? people are trying to cut their spending but that idiot wanna buy mercedes cars for the exco? better spend the money for improving terengganu. Perdana cars dont last 2 years? i see older perdana that runs really well! just plain stupid answer.

bats said...

spot on. we get what we vote for. but at the same time, don't think the PM's choice would be any different la. still the same shite.

i would have loved to be a fly on the wall when the results of the "study" these clowns did was presented.

you get a pretty decent discount from Proton for goverment fleets, so what gives?

you know what i think you're trying to do, MB? run these Es for 4 years (Proton supposedly only 2, right) and just as we're approaching the end of the 4th, you order another fleet of Es and buy em off at the end of your 4 years term for f*ck all.

weh, badut, tukar brek pad je suda beribu la. lu mau pakai duit sape bikin? duit orang terengganu? eh, wake up la terengganu, you deserve better than these clowns. suda lama sangat in power, so they lose their prespective on public service.

why put these clowns back behind the wheel? baru start drive, they're driving the state off the cliff already. koyak la ini macam.

Crankshaft said...

They're morons, all of them.

They all want to live lavish lives at the expense of the rakyat.

It's such a waste of money.

The Terengganu administration is probably using money from oil royalty, regardless of what they claim.

Money that should rightfully belong to the rakyat.

rats said...

Look at the reasons they come up with to justify their actions??

Sekarang nampak lagi bodoh ade la...!

Money from oil royalty or not, still it's the people's money dumb can they get la???

bats said...

waaah, BPR... very quick man. is it because this bloke isn't the PMs choice?

I think while they are snooping around in T'ganu, they should look at what Idris Jusoh had been up to over the last few years. Him, patrick and umm, patrick's good mate. But then again, that's just wishful thinking on my part.

Ah well.... it'll be interesting to see what BPR comes up with regarding "the man who defied the PM".

Here's my prediction... BPR won't take long to investigate and release their findings in this matter.

good luck to you, "man who defied PM"