Thursday, July 17, 2008

On Debates and Parliamentary 'Acts'

Debates are expected to be the next in-thing. Healthy debates are good to thrash out ideas and point of view. Debates also show character and how people would react to pressure. The candidates for UMNO presidency, deputy presidency and vice presidency should be invited to debate on topics related to the relevance of the party's struggle (but if the post of president and deputy were recommended to be closed for contest, who are they going to debate against?).

The only recommendation I could think of for future debates is to have a stern moderator who controls the topic of discussion. Debaters MUST answer the questions given by the panel appointed. Of course, veteran politicians tend to beat around the bush when it comes to answering questions. However, we're more interested to discuss numbers and facts. Save the political talk during party programs. So far, it's a good start for Malaysian political landscape. It also boosts tv ratings and advertising potentials.

On MPs and their parliamentary class act (giving the speaker a big headache) and other stunts:
  • MP cycling to Parliament. Have they been cycling to work lately?
  • MPs from Perak including MB took the bus to Parliament.
  • MP proposed to build rocket launch pad in Sabah
  • The use of the word "Bocor" (9th May 2007, 2 MPs used the word "bocor" against Batu Gajah MP and forced to apologize by DS Sharizat)
  • Raising the right hand during swearing-in ceremony (8th May 2008, when one MP did not raise his right hand during swearing-in ceremony, another MP claimed that his right hand is injured and did not want to raise his)
  • 1oth July 08: MPs got riled about goats and how one Australian stud could mate with 80 females goats.
  • MPs talking about "pokok tidak akan bergoyang kalau tiada angin bertiup (the tree would not sway if there is no wind blowing)" followed by "mungkin ada monyet yang menggoyangkan pokok (maybe there's a monkey shaking it)".
  • Close-one-eye MP (last session)

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