Monday, July 28, 2008

Coalition cracking again? (Update 1)

28/7: Gelugor MP Karpal Singh condemns PAS for discussing issues with UMNO in the name of Malay unity. He said that Pakatan Rakyat should re-evaluate its partners involvement in the coalition (senior partner mind you with 2 states under their belt).

After the resignation of Sr SO to Menteri Besar Selangor, now there's dispute on money transferred to PKR accounts, Penang's resentment on Kedah's intention to pursue logging activities, DAP's disapproval of PAS' islamic state concept. Don't people discuss things before making press statements or is it just plain acting for PR (public relations, not Pakatan Rakyat)?....Is the coalition disintegrating again?

On the same note, Ezam left and joined UMNO. Dato' Nalla left and formed his own party. What would be the driving force for these decisions? Obviously both are gatekeepers of key tactical and strategic information. Is this a trojan horse play? Is this all planned? Who knows.

What I do know is that it will be another exciting term in UMNO and Malaysian politics come December. Reporters and political analysts alike are making predictions and betting on their 'horses', anticipating the big guns' maneuvering judging from recent events and press statements. People have started lobbying for positions in the party, which is norm in election year. This is when you get phone calls from people you haven't heard from since the last party election. I hope UMNO in all levels will make the right choices and not revert to the old ways of thinking (always difficult to choose between making the right decision and making the popular decision) or simply put "SOS" (same old shit). If not, it will be another tough battle come 13th GE.

Coffee shops all over the country are talking about who's contesting what post. We must not forget that the party rebuilding process has precedence and is a monumental initiative. As such, please put your votes to good use.

Recent events in coalition parties suggest that change is inevitable. Like Barack Obama's campaign; let's have a 'change we can believe in'.

Then again, I suspect it will be SOS. What do you think? Or do you think it's no longer relevant?

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bats said...

this is probably the most action i've seen in the political arena to date. i was either too young, or not tuned in enough before this.

it is obvious that all gloves are off. what you hear about pakatan is child's play compared to the ongoings in UMNO leading up to the election.

i remember people claiming that DSAI was irrelevant, prior to 08.03.08... certainly don't look that way now. there is no way the timing of the new belakang mari claims are independant of the political climate. which brings me back to my earlier point about the chess play leading up to December.

as long as the federal gomen is BN owned, the state gomens are subject to all kinds of speculation.

end of the day, the top.. the very top of UMNO is where it's at. that is currently where all roads lead to. to prove my point.. what's the go with MCA and MIC these days? who gives a shite you say? haha. exactly that.

these belakang mari claims will overshadow nearly everything over the next few months. more dirt will surface and hell will break loose and the people will get involved to some extent.

having said that, i'm just an idiot who isn't involved in politics, as azalina would say. but if everyone who has a problem has to be in politics to get their voices heard, who is gonna be the posmen?

what's your take mate?