Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fuel Price Protest Rally, Mosque in Putrajaya, IPP & Subsidized Gas

I spoke earlier about the demonstration planned by Kubang Kerian MP to gather 1,000,000-strong supporters and rally for the reduction of fuel price. The rally turned out to be an ugly concert with one artist getting beaten up for showing his behind. Even the PAS Mursyidul Am was grossly disappointed. A friend of mine insisted that democracy is all about the expression of the people through demonstrations. So much for demonstrations.

I've also received information about fellow Malaysians and Muslims not happy about the construction of a second mosque in Putrajaya to cater the rising population of the administrative city. I could understand rejection for building a rocket launch pad or spending tax payers money to buy a space shuttle but there is nothing wrong with building a mosque to cater for growing population.

IPPs enjoy a fixed rate for gas based on agreed contracts. It appears that we are at their mercy. This is a similar problem with toll concessionaires. Perhaps the windfall tax suggested by the Minister in charge makes sense. Gas price has been fixed at RM14.31 per mmbtu; market price is at RM47.69mmbtu. The dilemma is that when IPPs pay full market price, they will be adamant to increase the price of electricity. Perhaps it is time to look at nuclear energy. Meanwhile, it is a tough juggling act to satisfy all.

The heat of campaigning is becoming more intense. Those who got out of the penalty box from money politics are back in the race. Sour grapes who did not get retained as candidates in the last election are trying to make come backs in the upcoming party election. The intensity is also felt at every Wing of the party. However, there is little talk about change and vision. Perhaps vying for position is more important than the question "What would I do if elected"?

The other question is, who knows how to counter F-35s?

For couples who ditch their babies and let them rot in rivers and dumpsters, I will personally see to it that you rot in a federal prison with cane scars and homos lurking in the corner (if I am in power).


bats said...

damn... 100 units of the JSF. if they attack us, yea, we're stuffed. but otherwise... life goes on i reckon.

i'm mostly with you on the baby dumping horseshit, but i must say that circumstances (young victim of rape, 15 year old mom, etc) will be taken into consideration. since we had politician once say "if you can't fight off rapists, might as well sit back and enjoy", fundamentally, the support systems for victims must be strengthened, if not created!

we gotta talk quite a bit our way forward. finding where to start is gonna be fun.

opcharlie said...

the support system can be done and is existent within the Ministry of Women, Comm & Fam Development.

I started a working paper for the way forward. I still have no idea who to give it to and whether it will end up in the bin.

UMNO is still an influential vehicle. Changes cannot be drastic, or else people will reject.

OP Azraai said...

since singapore is one of two (the other is Israel) Security Cooperation Participants,having conributed a significant amount of money in the aircraft's system design & development, they are theyrentitled to the purchase and operations rights of these next gen warcrafts. if im not wrong, they are making immediate plans to replace at least 3 frntline squadrons wiht these warbirds. the question is what is Kementah doing in terms of military deterence? in reality, our 'friendly' neighbour down south is beefingup their arsenal whilst we are too bz arguing amongst ourselves about who gets to be the next premmiere.

on another note, the JSF was built to flyundetectable with an almost invincible heat signature coming out of its thrustvector nozzle (yes it can pretty much fly however way you wnat it to, even hover)carrying massive loads of armament as far as 3000km with a combat range of 1000km. its supercomputer aiding the single pilot hs equivelance to about 2000times the computing power of our regular pentium core duo. an infinite network of real-time information relay (satellite, radio, wifi..etc) make it the most intelligent warcraft ever designed, built, and commisioned.

how do you counter them in a battle scenario?
1. get as many JSFs as our enemy, and pray that our pilots are better trained than theirs.

2.the jsfs fly and kill so efficiently due to one fact, the inegration of multiple systems working hand in hand simulaneosly and autonomosly. although it is not a fully autonomous machine, but due to the minimum input frm the human pilot, the machines are programmed/trained to battle very objectively. therefore, the only way many would see possible to bring down these flying beasts of war is to kill its systems, individually. that means, shutting it down slowly, one by one... in perspective, in order for us to bring down one F35 to the ground, we would have to launch an attack to the base of origin; means , determine the base of origin, fly undetected pass the aggressing f35s, jam the networks of radars, data signals, etc, and drop a bomb. but ofkos to do that we have to disable their deffensive antiarcrafts. done that, then we probably still have 5 or 6 more sites to disable (for other systems opretaing the fighter). all this within seconds,n in the meantime we still have to monitor the fighters in our airspace, if its even possible... simply dont. find some other security options to not war with countries that are able and willing to scramble their F35 Lightnings.

but what to worry, weve got diesel powered submarines, very experienced (since WWII)!!