Thursday, July 10, 2008

UMNO Presidency handover, Debate and of JPA scholarships

  • UMNO President has finally confirmed the date of the handover. However, does that mean no one will contest for the top 2 posts? If so, will they get the 30% nomination?
  • The handover will be roughly a year before the next UMNO election and the 13th GE. It will be a daunting task for the new chairman of BN to prep and regain lost ground.
  • For those who are crazy about being a Wakil Rakyat, this is not the year to shine. The next UMNO election will be the one.
  • On another note, although DSAI has not been charged with any crime, he has moved 3 steps ahead by going to the Syariah courts, knowing well enough that there is no way Saiful could present 4 witnesses to prove his allegation.
  • First term Minister of Information has declared potential resignation if he fails to perform in the debate with the former deputy minister and finance minister who had access to all levels of confidential info, economic data and secrets above top secrets. Who will win this debate?
  • With the handover a sealed deal, how does this affect the race for Ketua Pemuda? Will KJ rise to challenge DMM and KT?
  • UMNO leaders have requested JPA to relook at the allocation for scholarship and revise the quota for Bumis. We are talking about a mere 2,000 scholarships. The problem with JPA scholarships is that the contract is loose. Students who benefit from the JPA scholarships either stay in the country where they obtained their degrees or work in the private sector. A small percentage, normally among the Malays, fail in their courses and are asked to return. Scholars who use tax payers money for their education must have a sense of responsibility and return to Malaysia to serve the country. JPA must tighten up their contractual agreements and ensure these students are made accountable. Scholars are also EXPECTED to be the next batch of leaders in Malaysia, whether in the private sector or government. Half of the JPA scholars I know don't even bother and have little sense of obligation to king and country. Pitiful.
  • Meanwhile, while some of us are still in the UMNO election fever, the market dipped by a few ticks. The expected dip is to 1,000 points by year end. Right time to purchase stocks if there's holding power. What's cooking in Ministry of Finance to regain investors' confidence in our market?
  • Also, last but not least, happy belated birthday TDM!

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bats said...

damn man... all power moves by the power players eh? Tun's comments on this development echo my sentiments la. Chief doing whatever it takes to remain.

a few interesting comments in mainstream media from other power players though.

but the second most important person in the top two has been awfully docile. haha. it's funny to watch la.