Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4th Best Airport in the world: KLIA & Drilling in the OCS

While we worry about who sodomized who, who should get subsidies, massive traffic jam in the city and the lack of professionalism in the Parliament, we failed to recognize the people at Malaysia Airports for a job well done! Can still improve :)

From Forbes:

On KLIA: This airport has won several accolades since opening in 1998. In addition to ranking forth in Skytrax's World Airport Awards, it also ranked first on the company's list of airports with the best immigration service. While passengers are almost guaranteed a seamless arrival and departure experience, they can also enjoy free wi-fi, luxury shopping and reflexology and massage services.

Down south got second place (still beatable):

Since Skytrax began ranking airports in 1999, Singapore Changi has placed first twice. The airport was built in 1981, and it has since added more terminals that cater to both budget and luxury passengers. The up-to-date services and amenities include an indoor orchid garden, a rooftop swimming pool, themed television lounges and a free sight-seeing tour for those who have at least five hours prior to their connecting flight.

Don't forget the recognition needs to go to Tan Sri Hassan Merican and Petronas staff as well for making us proud!

I also consider the fuel subsidy a closed issue. Let's move on to other interesting stuff like a standardized education, fuel efficiency and sustainability and such.

On oil development, Bush will endorse drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). The US is surrounded by 4 OCS (Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic, Alaska and Pacific OCSs). The OCS is practically the area between the continent and deep ocean. He reckons there is approximately 18 billion of oil in these areas. Even if he manages to lift the ban on drilling in the OCS, it won't help reduce the current oil price. It will take years to develop these fields, the price of steel has increased to more than US1000 a tonne which slows down construction and increases price of platforms and rigs. It will take at least 1-2 years to explore and another 2-3 years to begin development. By then, oil would be USD200/bbl. Senator Obama plans to increase fuel efficiency by spending more money in car engine research, E85 at the pumps. He is also an advocate of the environment and wants to see the US help reduce green house gas emission as they are the biggest consumer of oil.

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bats said...

yes, i read about the OCS being a possiblity some time back. looks like those days of "possibilities" are well and truly behind.

i agree with you about moving forward with funding into all the right areas like alternative, sustainable energy sources and so on.

despite the talk of roket launchpads, high speed trains to the little red dot and iskandar region (whatever the hell it's called now), i reckon this is really what the government should be focussed on. how do we become/remain fairly competitive once we run out of fuel.

congratulations KLIA. now if we can just get some authority to clear them touts....