Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Of Foreign Maids, DOE study, UMNO election and ACA

  • The plan by the Terengganu state government to train single mothers as maids is commendable. The State Government needs to think about nationwide deployment of these single mothers and whether an average of RM400-500 per month is sufficient as salary. If these two are not acceptable, then the reliance on foreign maids would likely to increase further.
  • In today's STAR, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Enviroment Datuk Maznah Mazlan said that at least 7 out of 184 rivers in the country were classified as highly polluted. Is this really a big surprise to anyone? Isn't it time to report something like "The Ministry is happy to announce that it has completed clean up operations of 15 of the most polluted rivers in the country. The ecotourism in those areas have been restored and are now generating almost RM1M a year thanks to local retail entrepreneurs and tour guides". Singapore has generated massive income form Boat Qui and other strategic river bank locations from ecotourism, retail and F&B. Perhaps Kuching's river side should also be a model or Charles river in Boston, MA.
  • There's a strong contention for the post of Kota Tinggi UMNO Division Chief (incumbent is Datuk Seri Syed Hamid). Syed Hamid trails by 7 nominations behind his challenger Daeng Malek.
  • Since ACA is now investigating Monsoon Cup and the crystal mosque in Terengganu, should it also investigate the sale of MV Augusta for Euro 1 (subsequently sold to both BMW and Harley Davidson for a combined Euro 160M). I wonder if ACA has enough funds and staffing to handle these big cases given the pressure from public to expedite these investigations.


bats said...

The DID battled hard to get rivers around the country cleaned up. Problem at that time was getting all the stakeholders, especially local councils, land office to implement and uphold river reserves, boundries and the works. Where development does not go right up to the river banks. Demarcation changes annually, bai!

With problems like squatters and illegal sand mining (yup, even them damned rivers aren't spared, Sg. Lui for example) DID and the minitry often find their hands tied.

But you're right, Riverside in Kuching if fantastic. We better not bring Charles, Thames or Yarra into this though, to avoid any lawatan sambil belajar calls.

opcharlie said...

if federal govt uses its weight properly, it is the supreme body of the land. things can move if they want it to move.