Friday, January 16, 2009

State Car Watch

State excos travel a bit to conduct their daily affairs as Wakil Rakyat. As such, their vehicles take a beating on mileage and maintenance. As a result, Terengganu took the lead with their purchase of Benzes, claiming that the Perdana V6 cost too much for maintenance.

Other states subsequently followed suit, with Perak and Selangor purchasing Toyotas. Pak Lah then ordered Terengganu to only use the new fleet of Mercs for ferrying state visitors only. To no one's surprise, the excos went on to use the cars anyway and disregarded Pak Lah. Dato' Zaabar, one of the proud user of the newly acquired Mercedes Benz was quoted saying that "the issue was overblown".

Khalid Ibrahim had assured Selangor people that he would use his own car to reduce the state expense, then later purchased cars for other excos. Now, KT is claiming Khalid bought a Lexus SUV for his use. Nik Nazmi accussed KT of approving funds for his own Mercedes Benz S350 when he was MB.

So our home-grown Proton is losing support from our own state governments. I can understand providing our elected politicians with reliable vehicles to travel, as they do this quite a bit. The federal government has been using the V6 for years. Why is this an issue now, especially when we are in the midst of an economic downturn? Well, for sure, Malaysians know how to prioritize.

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