Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Major Social Issues

What a way to start our new year 2009. The eve of new year was tainted with news of sex party raided in KL. News of mat rempits in the city breaching police blockades also captured some air time the next day. Yesterday, a gang of them seriously injured one of our policeman.

A few teenagers were interviewed and admitted that they were addicted to sex. Somehow, the pre-marital sex issue, baby dumping, mat rempit, drug abuse and other social ills are plaguing the Malays. I am not saying the other races do not have these problems, but the Malays cloud their numbers any day.

These social ills are painting a bleak future for the Malay kids. Statistically speaking, most of them lack education and would be rejected later in the job market (if they even finish their papers). Who will save these kids from more misery? It only takes a little bit of push until they adopt the life of crime. Forget the 2,000,000 sophisticated new voters whom UMNO are trying to woo for the next election. These problematic kids should be given a higher priority for the sake of human capital development.

For Mat Rempits, make them pay dearly. Launch a nation-wide campaign to clamp their activities down. Show no mercy. Penalize parents for blatant negligence and lack of supervision. Discipline is required, not mild counseling and mundane community service. Crack the whip.

What about the pre-marital sex and baby dumping problems?

Shocked by sexploit
Menace to Society
Teens addicted to sex

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bats said...

our coppers have moved swiftly to nab the clowns that beat up the detective.

they should be dealt with severely. assualting policemen is no small crime.