Tuesday, January 13, 2009

OIC Defence Alliance

After September 11, the US waged an all out offensive labeled the 'War on Terror'. The US quickly labeled Iran, Iraq and North Korea as the 'Axis of Evil'. With reports from the broken intelligence community of Iraq amassing Weapons of Mass Destruction, US launched the biggest military offensive since World War II, footing bills amounting to USD20B a month (UN reported a few years ago that it would cost some USD 70B to solve world hunger) despite their shrinking economy back home.

Israeli has not denied the use of white phosphorous in their assault in Gaza. The chemical burns the skin and has been classified as illegal in the Geneva Convention even if it's used against enemy combatants. Even with this blatant violation, not even the UN or US could stop the incursion and escalating number of Palestinian deaths. The UN seems incapable of enforcing its resolution. There is no logic to force Hamas to stop firing cheap, inaccurate rockets after they have suffered thousands of deaths. The logic is to force the aggressor to withdraw, not the kids throwing rocks at tanks.

What the OIC needs to do immediately is form a NATO-like defence agreement comprising of troops from OIC countries. This peace-keeping force will act as buffer between the Israelis and Palestinians. Only then negotiations could recommence. Similar to NATO article 5, if a nation member is attacked, then the attack represents an assault on all members. This is the kind of partnership islamic countries must have. The UN is no longer relevant or effective in this crisis.

Israel rains Gaza with Phosphorous shells

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