Friday, January 23, 2009

Here we go again

Another protest in on the horizon to show dissent for another concert by a Western artist. This boycott is organized by the young turks in PAS calling the concert indirectly a tool to fund further Israeli aggression through foreign aids paid by the US government.

There are numerous inconsistencies in their stands. The young turks are protesting because of Rihanna's outfits. The artist has vowed to dress up decently to show her respect for our values and beliefs. The FT Youth Chief was cited by Star that the performance by Rihanna is an insult to Eastern artists. Perhaps the young Youth Chief could cite a few sources and convictions, unless he is an artist himself. PAS also mentioned that Rihanna's fashion is against "Asian values". They might want to elaborate further and enlighten the Malaysian public what it means by "Asian values".

PAS may think they have popularity right now after wrestling the KT seat (reminding ourselves that it was only a 2,000 some majority in a Malay-centric population, but a win is a win) from BN. Nevertheless, the federal territory is a different beast all together. PAS leadership needs to put a leash on these young puppies and acknowledge that if these are the best arguments they could craft to justify a cause, they need more artillery fire and erudition to convince people that they're not trying to manifest themselves as extremists. If they are, they should start with boycotting Astro and RTM and asking the newscasters to "tutup aurat".

A modicum of common sense might not hurt the young turks. Try to remember who organizes concerts better than anyone.

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bats said...

man, these PAS youngsters.. fail la. i remember you telling me this some time ago, but it's time to bring it up again.

these people are still behaving like the opposition of old. dwelling on petty issues. they seem to forget their much expanded role in the governance of the country la. brpa lama mau continue macam ni? scaring international artistes away.

eh, sort out our bloody denggi issues la. crime rate is up, too many kids dabbling in drugs. murders as a result of distribution turf. m'sia ka mexico ni? people are losing jobs left right and center. show some calibre as a youth wing and do some good for the country la.

ni pulak sibok pasal the colour of rihanna's undies la, how many kids siti nurhaliza should have la.. matila ini macam.