Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Malaysian Indians Rejecting Both Sides

From the last General Election in March, the Indians indicated that they have rejected the MIC leadership and rendered the component party incompetent of championing the rights of the Indians in Malaysia. As a result, the voters swung their support to Anwar's Pakatan Rakyat. Anwar must have promised them the world to gain their backing back in March.

Subsequently, Hindraf was born. Hindraf sparked numerous controversies including its allegation of genocide in Malaysia and disrupting the Prime Minister's Hari Raya open house. The latter caused a big stir among the majority Muslims as insulting and disrespectful. Despite all the oppression and alleged genocide, somehow the leadership of Hindraf was spared, having become a fraternity of rich and well to do lawyers in this country. Certain groupings in the Bar Council are testament to that fact.

Meanwhile, in Barisan Nasional, both PPP and MIC leaders lost their bids in their respective Parliamentary election in March. Kayveas of PPP since then has become a strong critic of the government, especially on the controversial but necessary Internal Security Act. Despite his effort to show that he is still fighting tooth and nail for some cause, he has been urged to step down by party members. The same could be said about Samy Vellu. Ever since the destruction of MIC in the last election, the pressure has been mounting to get the incumbent President for the last 2 decades to pass the baton to the next in line.

Dato' Nalla left Pakatan Rakyat and formed his own party, the Malaysian Indian United Party. Dubbed as Anwar Ibrahim's right hand man, he had left Pakatan due to his lost of confidence in the de facto PKR leader. He boasted a strong 10,000 membership in MIUP. Dato' Nalla was also seen with Barisan Nasional machinery during the Permatang Pauh by-election.

Kapar MP Manikavasagam
relinquished his post in Pakatan Rakyat over his claims of Pakatan Rakyat being insensitive to the Indians. Recently, the Indians in Pakatan Rakyat claimed they have little stake in the coalition and also gave Anwar Ibrahim an ultimatum to resolve their issues or face further action from them. Anwar must be a political demigod if he could indeed magically cure this ailing before getting more heat from the Indians. Kulasegaran was unhappy with Anwar's promise for the post of Ipoh Deputy Mayor but later was only given a post as Councillor. He recently gave up his post in the Council.

Where would the Indian votes go to then for the next general election?


Rajan said...

50 years of nonsense and you tolerated. 9 months of waiting and waking them up. If you can accept the change, ask yourself this - is MIC the true party or even BN for that matter. I stick to my vote - PAKATAN FOREVER MATES.

bats said...

the taste of political power can lead to all kinds of chaos, eh? just ask our veteran ministers and their umm... well, you know. sedih siot. suma orang mau jadik hero. but no one wants to roll up their sleeves.

same shite la. politicians and their bollocks, the struggling buggers continue to struggle. that bit does not discriminate amongst the races in the country la.

maybe instead of continuing the racial agenda, we should focus more on the social agenda? poverty knows no colour la. yeah right.

So many bloggers are attaching their lips to DPMs behind when he "deferred" Sime Darby's attempted kidnap of IJN. c'mon la, if there was no public outcry then this would have gone through. i'm no nostradamus la, but the poorer folk would have copped a beating la if the deal was sealed.

sigh, pollies... bless em.

rats said...

The fact is that the immigrants that were brought into this country as labourers are still very much lagging behind compared to the other races. No doubt the BN-MIC has helped the Indians, but majority feel it can do alot more better. The sole representative for the indians is seen to be keen on internal politicking & personal greed. Its chief has long overstayed his welcome. He also thinks that he is indispensable.

So since the Indians have exhausted all avenues in trying to seek help, where do they go? Naturally they would choose an alternative.

If my memory serves me right, HINDRAF sparked the people power 'revolution'. Call them extremists what not. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have seen the political tsunami that we saw on March 8 !