Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama Watch

1. Obama avoided his predecessors mistakes by preparing and planning his transition hard and well. He got on the ground running on his first day as POTUS by phoning world leaders in the Middle East and discussing the Gaza conflict.

2. His next step is to close Gitmo, the infamous detention center which supposedly escaped the Geneva Convention embodiment on enemy combatants and the use of torture. The principal issue surrounding this is the relocation and reprocessing of current detainees.

3. He has also kept Robert Gates as SecDef, a clear indication of his intention to maintain continuity in the military front and commence sketching withdrawal plans for troops in Iraq. His new military focus will be Afghanistan stating that the war on terror began in Afghanistan and will end there. He has also signed an Executive Order to ban the use of waterboarding and other "advanced techniques" for interrogation used by non-military agencies such as the CIA.

4. Republicans have begun their onslaught and dubbing the President's economic stimulus package as ineffective and irrelevant. Obama plans to repair roads, bridges and buildings all over the country to keep Americans working. Republicans fear that the plan may not be sufficient to tackle the crisis (more jobs will be lost compared to the new jobs created).

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