Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ANC Rips Israel

CAPE TOWN (JTA) -- African National Congress lawmakers said Israeli abuses against Palestinians "make apartheid look like a Sunday school picnic."

Christopher Dickey of Newsweek calls for Arabs to reform first before demanding rights for the Palestinians. Arabs need to embrace justice and democracy as cardinal rules of their societybefore trying to impose and preach civic righteousness and social justice to others.

Nevertheless, the lack of democracy in the Arab world does not justify occupation and mass murder of thousands of innocent lives in Palestine.

Israel seeks to control Palestinian finances by blocking funds transferred to Abbas, citing possibilities of the funds to be utilized by Hamas. Obviously, what Israel meant was whether the funds will be used for Hamas to retaliate. While Israel continues to receive foreign aid from the US government to fuel and arm its massive and sophisticated armed forces, the Palestinians are continued to be oppressed economically and physically. This is the point where OIC needs to intervene, immediately. We all know UN lacks the political will to execute anything. This was clearly proven during the Iraq invasion.


bats said...

this is hillarious. the very ANC of sudan and robbie mugabe fame.

bloody hillarious.

opcharlie said...

welcome back bats! the author misses your comments!

yes it is hilarious. Politicians say the darnest things.