Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mission Accomplished for IDF

Israel has now pledged to withdraw its troops from Gaza and cease the 3-week conflagration. They are withdrawing their troops as we speak, admitting that Israel has completed their military objectives. After 22,000 buildings demolished by precision munition and tank shelling, 1300 lives and 20 cheap inaccurate rockets fired into Israel, IDF begins its withdrawal and expects a ceasefire from both sides.

Malaysia is calling United Nations to setup a war crime tribunal for Israel over Gaza. Malaysia has also called for OIC to establish a defence alliance ala NATO to act as buffer between IDF and the poorly-armed and poorly-financed Palestinians. This would ensure an absolute cease fire while border discussion is underway.

The Israeli Defence Force is one of the few armed forces in the world which calls itself a Defence Force. It's been anything but a defence force since its incursion into Palestinian territories.

The Haaretz reported that IDF has indiscriminately killed children and innocent civilians. The death toll is now at 1234. One British MP excuses the Israeli government of using the Holocaust as an excuse to justify its incursion into Gaza. His grandmother, who died at the hands of the Nazi, did not die so that the IDF could slaughter Palestinian grandmothers.

When the Qataris were trying to broker a truce between Israelis and Palestinians, the Saudis and Egyptians boycotted the summit. What were the Saudis afraid of? Afraid of the rising influence of the Persians in the region? The Arabs are known to be tribal, bitter and resentful of one another. As long as this continues, the hope for peace in the middle east is bleak regardless of how unbiased Obama would turn out to be in crafting his foreign policies for the Middle East.

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