Friday, January 2, 2009

Menace To Society

Update 8/5/09: Tan Sri IGP proposes setting up rehab centers for Mat Rempit
Update 6/1: Mat Rempits beat up policeman

Putera UMNO's publicity stunt of embracing Mat Rempits has failed miserably. They've achieved training a small group to jump off an airplane with parachutes in the North Pole but unfortunately have failed in improving their economic and social positions. The coming of the new year 2009 was tainted by news of Mat Rempits evading police and creating havoc at road blocks. They are a menace to society. The bigger the group is, the more damage and carnage they demonstrate especially against innocent bystanders and road users. Even the police force has not been spared. Many have been caught not just for traffic violations and vandalism, but for alcohol and drug abuses.

Sadly, only the Malays are involved in this shameful activity. Whether this is a coincedence, no one knows. Many have theorized how this social phenomena had evolved, from poor economic background, the desire for adrenaline rushes to parental negligence. These youngsters risk their lives performing dangerous stunts, racing on the road like speed demons and have no respect for the law.

Obviously, these youngsters are an asset in terms of human capital given the small size of our country. With a strict regime and proper training, they could add value to businesses. If the government is truly interested in salvaging these youngsters and add value to their lives, it has to crack the whip on them with shock & awe. A massive nationwide campaign must be undertaken, not through counseling or talks, but with brute force in clamping down this unfortunate scenary of Malaysian streets. If we could be serious in enforcing the use of seat belts for rear passengers, surely we could conduct a more strategic campaign to eliminate this menace.

Failed campaign

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