Saturday, June 28, 2008

Who's doing what, who's saying what

  • "I hope this little book will be of some use to students, diplomats, politicians and researchers on Malaysian diplomacy and international relations, as well as on the thinking behind my policies and actions. You may not agree with everything that I did, but I did what I thought was right for the nation. Whether I was a good or a bad Prime Minister is, of course, not for me to say. When I am dead and gone, the judgement would be more accurate. Since I will not be around then, it would be quite meaningless to me. My children and friends would be the ones to savour the truth or bear the pain of whatever I am condemned for" TDM in "Dr M's selected letters to world leaders".
  • "Saya akan buat ketetapan apabila sampai masanya, ada masa lagi." DSNR
  • “This is an opportunity to inform the people of the many misleading and irresponsible statements being made against government decisions. I am ready for the debate,” Shabery on fuel duel with DSAI.
  • Proton keluar kereta NGV Oktober

  • "BNBBC boleh hukum saya", DS Nazri Aziz on dubbing the members of the club as "kebudak-budakan dan dari kelab samseng".
  • "There won't be a day in my life that I'm not thinking about Microsoft and the great things that it's doing and wanting to help," Bill Gates on leaving Microsoft.


bats said...

you got an interesting selection of quotes there my brother. by chance ka, you're trying to make a point here?

tun's collection will be a killer read la i'm sure.

i read OP KJ John's article, tapi didn't fully appreciate it. i have to read it again la. first glance, the man is upset la. and rightly so.

dengar citer, we're being too critical? betul ka?

opcharlie said...

thanks for visiting Bats. Yes I was trying to make a point, I'll leave it to you to interpret (hint: the proton link has nothing to do with it!).

On being critical - the young ones are normally dubbed critical. We'll probably lambaste the young punks when we grow older. Continue to do what you do good bro.

Stupe said...

Eh...Zero Defect Proton...i blinked my eyes a few hunfred times to see if there is a typo.