Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Career Talks Low Priority at the Royal Military College

I've been told by our Army Lawyer Chief Instructor that the career talk will be postponed again (been trying to secure slots since January 2008). Ever since I took this portfolio late 2006, we had no problems securing slots. We've had successful talks conducted by prominent OPs in the aviation sector, legal profession, engineering, IT, oil & gas industry etc.

Based on our short observation and comments from the boys and teachers:

1. The boys seemed to be lost. Lost in the sense that they have no clue what to do after school. Perhaps the in-house consulting is non-existent or not effective.
2. The command of the English language is still poor.
3. Some (maybe most) boys who have chosen the military profession made that decision because it was the 'default' thing to do.
4. Unemployment among the boys after SPM is unknown and no one seems to care what the numbers are.
5. Failure of the establishment of Form 6 classes at RMC shows the lack of promotion or weakness in implementation.
6. OPA branded to be 'intrusive' in the upbringing of the boys.
7. Career talks conducted by predecessors indicated that the old puteras invited to give talks normally talk about themselves and nothing about the career.

Surely, there should be a level of compromise between trying not to have these idiotic OPs and attempting to invite OPs who are so willing to give a helping hand to their super juniors. I for one was inspired during my Putera days when several OPs took some time off from their busy schedule to give us a hint or two as to what being grown up is all about. At the OPA Annual Dinner last weekend, I had the privilege to sit with the Commandant, the President of Penang Free Alum, UIA Dean of Dentistry, President of TKC alum. Commandant was bragging to our guests about how effective the RMC system was in promoting the present puteras to these talks that would help shape their future. He was also lecturing me about how the OPs need to 'focus' in their talks and that OPs are not 'focused'. Clearly he hasnt attended any of my lectures or the lectures I've organized or perhaps my guest speakers in the past were merely 'not focused' OPs who have achieved something in their careers. In additional, it is clear that these talks are of low priority. The OPs who have committed themselves to give the talks had shown their disappointment when the slots given were canceled on numerous occasions. Obviously, moi had to eat the bullet and take the whacking.

We wonder why a staggering number of boys leave the college, balik kampung and end up being mat rempits, tapping rubber or simply 'menganggur'. What a way to 'serve to lead'.


Raj said...

I've got a couple of questions here.

Why is the situation such? Do we need to explain further what good career talks do to the boys?
Why isn't the OPA seen as a body that is trying to help the
current RMC administration and not trying meddle with its authority?
Why isn't the OPA and the RMC administration tuned in to the same 'frequency' level?? Don't we have ex-boys running the place for a reason?

Lets put egos aside and work together for the betterment of the college and the boys!

bats said...

that's a shame mate. i know you were working hard to make this happen.

when you finally do get a slot, it'll be good if any OPs who are PTDs or in the civil service can come and talk to our boys.

commandant seems to be talkin out of his ass la, from the sounds of it. the stagnant and not sliding quote was gold. he's too focussed la macha.

opcharlie said...

Raj: the situation depends on who is running the show. It's all about leadership. That's my only answer. Leadership will decide what's good and what's not.

On OPA and RMC cooperation: It's an ongoing battle. We try our best to accommodate each other and minimize annoying the other party.

There's no such thing as putting our ego aside! It's all about ego.

opcharlie said...

Bats: the problem of getting PTD to do career talk is 1. they're too busy. 2. If they're not busy, hard to get a slot when they're free. 3. They're too busy.

We've rescheduled to 12th july (again, since January). I was told by one senior OP that the previous Commandants before Kept Syed religiously attended every career talk. That should be the spirit. Anyway, you spend a mere 2-4 years at RMC but the rest of your life in your career. What's more important than that?

Stupe said...

Charlie and all..

it is all about leadership.

who is blaming me for calling the current leader idle?

THat fella is bloody idle as well!