Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Orang Melayu Lupa Asal Usul

Pemuda UMNO sokong titah Raja Muda Perak

Yes, I definitely concur with Raja Muda Perak that the Malays, especially the young ones, are guilty of this. Young professionals who were sons of NEP or NDP, benefited from scholarships for tertiary education, blessed with careers full of prospects are normally the ones who question the rights of the Malays in the constitution and advocating meritocracy. The word meritocracy is often used yet poorly understand, completely disgusting me especially when companies impose the requirements of Mandarin as a form of qualification and the hope that 'open tenders' will help alleviate equity imbalance. The silent discrimination in the professional workforce is not noticed by the general public but is clearly felt by the minor few who strive to survive in these corporations. The intensity is greater in the business world of dog-eat-dog world, especially when the equity distribution is severely distorted and imbalanced.

Be that as it may, the internal problems facing Malays, whether political, economical or social, are also making more and more young professionals disgusted with the powerful few. This must be addressed together especially by the young ones who have escaped poverty and destitute. The only viable vehicle is through active participation in the chosen political parties and the help out those who are struggling to make it a better place.

I call upon the sons of NEP/NDP to rise up to the challenge and not just become arm chair critiques!

Other news: energy-efficient MPs, from taking the bus to riding the bike to Parliament.

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