Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Medical plan for exco village

The starmetro, Monday 2 june 08

“State govt to study proposal from company: The exco village at Section 7, Shah Alam, could end up as a major medical tourism attraction in Selangor if a proposal by a private firm gets the approval of the state government. Under the proposal, the colony with 10 luxurious bungalows would be turned into a medical centre. It is learnt that the state government was giving serious consideration to the proposal”.

“Retiree Lily Ang, 80, who resides in Section 24, Shah Alam, found the idea of turning the exco village into a major tourist attraction a joke. “Why would they (foreigners) come to Malaysia for medical treatment when they have better medical services and facilities in their own country?””.

When the Pakatan Rakyat swept 5 states during the last election, it played huge sentiment on corruption and cronyism. Penang has played the tune of making tenders open. We shall see how effective their implementation would be. How about Selangor? Would there be an open tender for the exco village conversion to a medical center? Who owns this company that had proposed the medical plan to the state govt? What are their ties with the current state government? Why are the policies in Penang not implemented in Selangor and other PR states? Where is the uniformity?

I do agree to an extent that the exco village was not an effective way of spending tax payers money. I do agree to some extent that they should be on sale and auctioned to the highest bidder. That would be a wise way of dealing with the bungalows. Or perhaps this is another chance of PR to replenish their coffers after the election?

Who knows? In the end, "the people deserve the government they elect".

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