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Welcome back, Mahathirism - Malaysiakini

>> In the US, the democractic party is nothing similar to our coalition formula. Obama also made some follies when selecting 2 members who did not pay their taxes and bringing in old faces from the previous Clinton administration. Of course US democratic system is exemplary where cabinet appointments and some 7000 political appointments must be agreed by Congress.

The composition of the PR is nothing different than that of BN. If PR is saying they are more race-blind, then why is PR endorsing Hindraf (clearly a racist hate group), why did PAS say it's haram to vote for non-muslim candidates and then flip flop on that, DAP is clearly chinese dominated, PAS with Malays, etc. So if they're so full of it about race being immaterial, prove it by forming a one-party system and open election among the races.

And no, America is not the land of the free if you have names similar to suspected terrorists and you get locked up at the airport for having beards and wearing kupiah. Gitmo?

Quoted from Malaysiakini
New cabinet - 'Welcome back, Mahathirism'
Apr 11, 09 11:20am

‘By not giving Khairy any post, Najib is just inviting trouble. To rub salt into the wound, Mukhriz is deputy minister of Miti.’

On Najib names his new cabinet

Sivaraman: Same old, same old. By not giving Khairy any post, Najib is just inviting trouble. To rub salt into the wound, Mukhriz is deputy minister of Miti. Welcome back, Mahathirism.Malaysia Boleh: ‘Of the ministers, 16 are from Umno, MCA (4), MIC (1), Gerakan (1), PBB (1), Supp (1), PBS (1) and Upko (1).’ Well, can we see any changes here? It is safe to say ketuanan is still being practiced. Look at the ratio, it is just like my working place. Seventy-five percent bumis, 20% Chinese, followed by rest of us at 5%. It just so disheartening.Fifty years ago my father saw this and now I’m still seeing it and so will my children. Well, PKR, it’s time to change. Hear me and hear the people - ‘go for it’.

Rachel Loo: With the new cabinet line-up, I see Bernard Dompok has been retained as a minister. As such, perhaps our YB can now persuade our new PM, in line with his vision of ‘1Malaysia’, to declare Good Friday a public holiday for the Christians in West Malaysia just like in Sabah and Sarawak. Is Bernard Dompok only representing the Christians in Sabah and Sarawak or is he representing all Christians in Malaysia ?

Sang Kancil: Saudara Najib finally managed to get all his men into the system, one which will face a real challenge from the rakyat. If we analyse it properly, some of the senators and MPs who were selected to hold a minister’s or deputy minister's post are basically losers. Meaning to say, they are ‘rejects’. They were either rejected during the 12GE or during the Umno elections recently. Is this what we call democracy? Getting someone rejected by the rakyat into the cabinet is totally unwarranted. Perhaps the BN machinery is punishing the rakyat for not giving them absolute power during the 12GE. Anyway, we the rakyat, are not really worried or bothered about this too much. After all, this may be the last BN cabinet in Malaysian history.

Rahmanizan: Do you know Obama took more than 30 days to find the right people to form his cabinet? Everyone that was short-listed was checked and scrutinised to ensure that they are clean and did not come with any baggage that could put his administration in bad light. He looked for the best, the most capable, the most qualified and ones that were highly regarded to assume their respective posts.And now compare that to Najib's administration. Najib selected his cabinet in just six days and what do we have? Pure politicians! They were selected because they are heads of BN component parties or the leaders of each of the parties’ wing or Umno loyalists. The selections were made purely to appease the political parties.Now you see why America is named the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave whereas Malaysia is Bolehland.

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