Sunday, April 26, 2009

Find People's Fault First, Performance Later

For the first few months governing one of the richest states in Malaysia, the Selangor government was only keen to search for and catalog Khir Toyo's follies and fumbles. Even their very own brethren were tainted in money politics and insider dealings resulted in the departure of Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim's special officer.

Enter Eli Wong, the state assemblyman and State Exco, whose nude pictures taken by dear boyfriend were released on the internet. Eli was pressured to step down even by party mate YB Zul Noordin, Kulim. Eli took a long holiday before being offered to continue working with the State Government by Tan Sri Khalid. Not to anyone's surprise, Pakatan Rakyat accused Barisan Nasional for orchestrating the whole episode instead of dear boyfriend (his boyfriend is still missing).

Perak is similar. After losing 3 State Assemblymen to Barisan Nasional, they've been adamant to tear the current Perak Government down through the courts with petty issues. DAP has been attempting to attack every technical & legal avenue possible; failing to recognize that all of this had started with their own 3 jumping ship (Pakatan should seek clarification from its defacto leader as to the status of the other 30 MPs ready to abandon the BN ship). The attacks included blaming the Sultan of Perak for misinterpreting the state constitution in his Majesty's decision to ask Nizar to step down as Menteri Besar.

Because they were locked out from the State Govt office, the disbanded Pakatan Rakyat "Exco" led by Sivakumar convened a meeting under a tree to extract more sympathy votes for their struggle. A plaque dedicated to the "tree of democracy" was built but later vandalized. To add salt to the wound, the Ipoh Municipal decreed that the plaque was erected illegally.

In Penang, the Deputy Chief Minister, Fairuz, was asked to resign due to his intention to further his studies (why did he contest in the first place knowing that he would want to go to grad school during his tenure?). Fairuz was allegedly involved in some dealings concerning state quarry projects. Lim Guan Eng was furious that he was not notified of Fairuz' resignation (Isn't he the Chief Minister)? Anwar later apologized to Lim Guan Eng. Meanwhile, Fairuz had threatened Pakatan Rakyat that he would expose their treasured secrets if his name was not cleared. The MACC then had cleared his name.

All kinds of drama in "Makkal Sakthi" movement. Find People's Fault First, Performance Later. The clock is ticking. General Election is around the corner. Get ready.

This is the real "People First, Performance Now". Please take note.

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