Thursday, April 16, 2009

On Hudud (again)

Had an open discussion on facebook recently on race-based politics. The premise of the debate was to discuss whether race-based politics was the main ingredient of the declining support for BN. I begged to differ as both sides were equally 'guilty' to some degree of advocating race-based politics, which is not something treachery or destructive, it's just the nature of the landscape in our country.

Although PAS' islamic approach is noble, I really can't accept the rhetorics behind boycotting Western concert, depicted to be "maksiat" or evil. It's no different than our "Jom Heboh" concert or watching MTV, HBO. No consistency there in their stand. We know they got a big bashing from DAP on Hudud, and they retracted the stance soon after.

On Penang development under Gerakan for 18 years vs how DAP is running it now, well, I do not have enough data to make any convinction, but it may seem that people are saying DAP is doing a better job. Guan Eng perhaps is trying to leave the shadows of his father who seems to be more extreme in his approach. Is it really UMNO's fault if Gerakan lost control of the island?

On a different note, YB Eli has accepted the offer to continue working. I think that's acceptable seeing that it's actually a blatant invasion of privacy. What if photos of a leader caught in the act of sodomy were released, hypothetically? Would it be an invasion of privacy or do you think resignation is in order? During Genghis Khan's reign, sodomy was punishable by death.

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