Monday, April 13, 2009

Losing Sight Of Priorities

Here we go again. Just when PM is making progress with naming his cabinet and getting the ball rolling, both sides are clamoring about who's not supposed to be in his cabinet and who should and why MECD was abolished? The agencies and bodies under the former MECD has been re-organized and absorbed into several ministries, including Rural Development and MITI. Imagine detractors trying to crucify PM if and when logical merger is done, say between MOA and Ministry of Plantation and Commodities, "Who will protect palm oil?!". The whole idea of streamlining is to enhance efficiency and minimize overlapping. While I may think that more could have been done, but that's PM's prerogative and the dynamics of power sharing in BN would dictate a higher importance than rational cabinet downsizing.

The pressure is not coming solely from the Opposition, but pro-government entities. Even MIC is threatening to pull out, albeit being slaughtered in the last GE (remember Kayveas threatening to pull out from the coalition also?). Securing seats in the cabinet does not equate to having the ability to help the Indian community. The president of MIC should resolve outstanding issues such as Maika Holdings failure to disburse dividends, allegations of funds mismanagement and reforming the election mechanism in the organization, not lobbying for cabinet positions.

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