Sunday, October 5, 2008

No. 2 In The Country

The US Vice Presidential Debate kicked off featuring a veteran democrat politician against a one-term Governor whose winks and choice of words ranging from 'you betcha' and 'darn right' might have further disconnected her from middle-class American women. Senator Biden consistently attacked Bush's financial policy and supported the withdrawal of US troops in Iraq, which is costing US tax payers USD 20B a month (btw Halliburton established a Private Military Contractor company and was awarded security contracts in Iraq). Governor Palin lacked substance in her debate and made some false accusations about Obama. She didn't score much but people expected her to be worse. Unexpectedly, she performed well for someone who lacks the 36 years of experience in the form of Biden. Gov Palin's biggest blunder was her shallow understanding of US foreign policy and failed miserably in answering touch US policy questions.

The big question US voters must answer is whether they see Gov Palin fit to be the Commander-In-Chief in case McCain's health declines due to his age? 8 Presidents in the past died in office, 4 of whom due to assasinations (Lincoln, Garfield, Kinley, Kennedy), 4 of whom died due to health (Harrison, Taylor, Harding, FDR).

Back in our beloved Country, Datuk Zahid recently announced his intention to contest for the hot UMNO Deputy President seat. If DS Najib takes over as President, others may follow suit to join Datuk Zahid including Tan Sri Muhammad Md Taib and DS Ali Rustam. TS Muhyiddin has yet to officially announce which seat he is contesting for.

Datuk Zahid might have scored points when he lambasted BAR council about their open forum on Islamic issues. Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib's past history that took place at an Australian airport may discredit his race for the title despite the fact that he has a seat in the current Cabinet. Eventually, each candidate's resources would be a huge factor in affecting voters decision.

We may not have a Vice Presidential debate here but I sure bet it'd be one hell of a debate with topics such as Ketuanan Melayu, race-based politics, oil revenue, UMNO reform, education and many more. Then we can confidently judge the best candidate (assuming we're all delegates).

Meanwhile, Penang Chief Minister requested RM59M for personnel, CCTV installation and other security features. Wow, imagine how many CCTVs he's trying to install on that relatively small island. What's his rational to mobilize 10 GOF platoons (General Operations Force is a subset of the Royal Police trained and tasked for border patrols, maritime security, anti-smuggling operations, guerilla warfare and other general security details during peace time)? Doesn't Johor have the worst crime rate in Malaysia? Is this another way to channel funds from the cancelled Penang City center project?

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bats said...

man, i watched this thing and it was unbelievable. seriously, it was like a bad joke.

dave letterman reckons that palin started off with "can i call you joe?" just so she could say "say it ain't so joe" later in the debate. good times.

all jo(ke)s aside, if there's anyone who might make it as a number 2, it's biden. sure, it's all about obama and mcain, but if there's anything i can take out of this debate is that ned flanders ain't ready to run the show.

you-betcha-didly-etcha neighbourino!