Friday, October 17, 2008

Daulat Tuanku

  • The Conference of Rulers issued a special statement today on the Malay special rights and other constitutional provisions. Let's just put this case to rest for now:

“The Malay Rulers hold the constitutional role to safeguard the special privileges, position, eminence and greatness of the Malay Rulers, safeguard Islam, Malay as the National Language, and the genuine interests of the other communities in Malaysia".

"Therefore, it is appropriate for the Malay Rulers to remind that there should never be any attempt ever to test and challenge issues related to the Social Contract."

  • Hindraf has been categorized as an illegal grouping, therefore warranting arrests should they conduct any form of activity in the future. I cannot fathom a reason why they would appeal the Prime Minister to take action against Dato' Seri Syed Hamid. Wasn't it a collective decision by members of the Cabinet? Why not take action against the Prime Minister? Oh, their fearless leader is in exile. I take it as a closed case. What's next.
  • YB KJ is expected to gain minimum nominations of 38 to qualify him to contest for the post of Ketua Pemuda. Dato' Seri Khir Toyo is also expected to reach that mark this weekend.
  • This weekend will show case a straight fight between Prime Minister's special officer Dato' Zaki Zahid, the incumbent Putrajaya Division Youth Chief and Tun Faisal, Special Officer to the Minister of Education. I expect this contest to be closely scrutinized by many.
  • Gerakan Wanita Chief, Datuk Tan Lian Hoe definitely has a short-term memory. Although the Gerik parliamentary seat encompasses a malay-majority constituency, the Malays gave their full support to their non-Malay Wakil Rakyat unlike the total opposite in Penang where we had witnessed a total annihilation of Gerakan support. This is a clear demonstration of weak judgement when she decided to convince Malaysians that she is a luminary fluent in the subject of History. Unfortunately, even at her level of power in the party, one does not make such statement without clearance. Her 'datukship' should be revoked, along with other undeserving tourists and actors.
  • The famous 14-yr old who kicked her teacher was suspended for a week. Time has definitely changed. Students clearly lack respect for teacher these days. It used to be military punishment or expulsion if it were the Royal Military College (nowadays, officers get called in if they lay a finger on the Puteras, especially Generals' kids). The punishment will be seen as inappropriate and ineffective to refrain other kids from throwing a punch in their Biology teacher's face in the future.

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