Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Of Money Politics

1. After the announcement by UMNO disciplinary board, the post for UMNO Deputy President will be a straight fight between Tan Sri Muhyiddin and Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib.

2. I really can't imagine a former Menteri Besar caught in Australia with a large stash of cash and no ability to defend himself in the courts because he could not speak any English would win.

3. We hope the delegates would make the right decision. However, my boss used to tell us that "hope" is not a plan.

4. Since Dato' Seri Ali has been barred from contesting due to money politics, it is unclear whether he would retain the seat as Menteri Besar when Dato' Seri Najib takes over. His membership remains intact.

5. His political secretary, Saadun Basirun faced a different tune. Found guilty of money politics, his membership has been suspended for 3 years. If Saadun acted on behalf of Dato' Seri, why is the punishment meted out more severe than of his boss? Perhaps there was no proof of a link, if any.

6. KJ although found guilty of money politics escaped unscathed because of difference in situation than Dato' Seri Ali, according to Tengku Rithaudeen. According to Tengku also, the amount of money and the action of the agents differ between that of KJ's and Dato' Seri Ali's.

7. Who are the agents and will they also face penalty for aiding and abetting? How are the situations different? What is the amount involved here? Tengku was also quoted to have said that it's between "rasuah wang" and "rasuah makan-makan".

8. 12 other members were found guilty, but only 9 had their memberships suspended. Maybe it is also between "rasuah wang" and "rasuah makan-makan".

9. On the other hand, Norza was hauled up by MACC for his alleged involvement in money politics. He could face a fine up to 5 times the amount involved or 20 years of imprisonment. Bail was set at RM10,000.


Stupe said... tell me, money politics is not corruption?

or it does not apply to certain quarters/camp/party?

if someone is found guilty of money politic, i still don't see how he/she is not "corrupted".

If i give the polis RM1 or RM1000, it is

But of course la, they won't take RM1 from me...


THEY DID take RM1 from me before...and that was my last RM1 to pay the Sect17 toll after rugby game....

opcharlie said...

of course money politics is a form of corruption, did someone say it wasn't?

If someone found to be guilty, ostensibly the answer would be that punishment must be meted.

On the recent occurrence, you could only assume that the proven guilt was on a lower scale in the spectrum of offenses. At any rate, obviously people are not happy.

There's also this issue of giving duit kopi, buying people cigarettes, paying for people's hotel rooms, etc. Is that considered money politics? I'm not defending anyone, on the other hand, my opinion is that this term "money politics" must be defined clearly, just like the widely used word "terrorism".

Obama raised USD800M during his campaign, is that money politics, considering the fact that the country is on the brink of bankruptcy and insolvency?

Stupe said...

I get what you meant. It takes two hand to clap.

From what you said here, i take it that you are alright with what is happening?

Norza seems to be only real casualty here, but is that really representative of what is happening?

by the way, don't forget to make me your crony ok :P