Tuesday, March 3, 2009

General Assembly to Be Called Off

As if the current economic mayhem and political instability in Perak are not sufficient to make our days gloomier, tomorrow Datuk Kadar Shah will file an injunction to postpone the UMNO general assembly until all allegations of money politics have been thoroughly investigated and suspects are cleared of any wrongdoings. We all thought UMNO has reached a historical rock bottom, this is probably going to take us further down.

More at MalaysianInsider.


bats said...

looks like all the concerns around PM hanging on for a bit longer might not be unfounded after all.

slightly off topic (or is it?) this economic turmoil, when it climaxes, it's going to be very very ugly. Pandang ke timur and you'll see Japan. Hell, the little red dot is now at a 30 odd year low.

So how the hell are we immune then? My simple mind can't probably grasp this. Good thing we got brilliant minds in power. I bet citizens of the world envy us.

opcharlie said...

malaysia hebat bro. state assembly boleh buat bawah pokok.