Saturday, March 14, 2009

OP Batch Co-Operation: Achievable or False Hope?

The Royal Military College, like other boarding schools in Malaysia, often boasts of its vast network among Old Boys or Old Puteras. Within the large segment of OP network, the old boys tend to gravitate towards their batch mates, particularly because of their shared experience back at Boy's Wing.

My attention was diverted just recently to an email written by a friend in our batch E-List about the need to strengthen the mold and face the challenges of the future together, taking advantage of each member's unique skill set and experience. A noble gesture, one that we've heard too often. Not necessarily unattainable, but requires shear determination and outstanding co-operation, and a modicum of coordination.

It simply means this: that historically budak boys have been given the privileges to lead the Armed Forces, the Civil Service and many corporations through out the rich history of our country. Given the plethora of experiences and career exposures that us individuals would accumulate through out the years ahead, it is only logical to harness this energy for the greater good of the nation, therefore fulfilling our sacred charter.

No doubt I have calculated several concerns. The one that sticks out like a sore thumb is whether we would reach the level we dream of. The next in line is whether all 79 of us would agree to a common theme or plan. It is difficult enough to get 10 to agree on a location for the next teh tarik session, let alone to reach a common ground on national issues or business propositions.

The interesting aspect of the OP network I find is that once you meet someone of similar wavelength, irrespective of batch, it is extremely trouble free to work with that person, no matter the slight differences in opinions. That I think is a better formula.

Let's not forget the many feuds and quarrels within the network itself. Although the Old Putera Association renders no authority whatsoever in RMC, Ministry of Defense or elsewhere, it is amazing to witness the level of animosity and intense hatred towards each other especially when dealing with posts and positions in the organization. I am merely stating this not to expose ourselves, but because a reform should be in order. It is also something to be avoided if a collective plan is to be formulated.

Notwithstanding the fact above, we have also witnessed tremendous aid and support for each other during trials and tribulation. This is the real criteria and the true spirit of being a budak boy.

At any rate, most of us would rather attend to our priorities especially family & career than be bothered with sharing a common vision with our fellow budak boy.

How do we progress ahead?


bats said...

very true. i am one of those too caught up in the sh1tfight.. i mean, rat race, to concern myself too much with ideals and the bickering that comes with it. but it's a noble dream. i had the time of my life and made friends for life in the boy's wing.

this final vision though remains a point of contention. the common goal is anything but common. so how do you draw a bunch of individuals together on a large scale? i see it working and working well on a smaller scale. we know of many such cases. but i think that is more shared interest than the much touted "boy spirit." typical tribe mentality that us humans cannot escape.

it's important though to separate the goodwill towards fellow OPs and OPs working togehter to achieve common goals. the former will remain intact, i hope. as for the latter, if there is no common ground to stand on, well, we can only sit.

so in my opinion, until a shared vision is established somewhat (the details will continue to be argued over), this remains an ideal.

Stupe said...

Bro, rambut sama hitam, hati lain lain.

We might be bonded by the common item here (RMC or OPA), but lets face it, everyone is thre for their own reason and lets not even discount the fact that there is still *rift* in the batches.

with OPs, i've been bitten twice...but i still habour hope that the two are isolated case.

opcharlie said...

perhaps because we have been trained to be leaders that working with each other would be counter-productive, simulating a scenario for having more than one captain on a ship, more than one chef in the kitchen. maybe among close friends, not possible to mobilize the entire batch to reach a common theme.