Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Short Clips 2: Pakatan & KT By-Election

  • Anwar Ibrahim is out of bargaining chips after changing his 'take over' date several times. Sept 16 went and nothing happened. Hari Raya Qorban went and nothing exciting occurred. Instead of focusing on administrating the 4 newly acquired states (which sees nothing different besides free water in Selangor, more lands given out in Perak and Penang and 1 temple demolition) and keeping the coalition together (with all the internal conflicts, no surprise there since it is a young coalition), he is still adamant to get 30 MPs to jump ship. The question that is begged to be asked and answered is whether people still want this? Is PAS still in line with the coalition's objectives after getting assaulted day in and day out by partner DAP from enforcing Islamic laws in Kedah to logging activities and inconsistent views on sales of alcohol and many other provoking issues.
  • The Kuala Terengganu by-election will witness a modicum of interesting challenges. With 3 DUN seats under PAS' control (DUN Wakaf Mempelam, Ladang, Batu Buruk), BN will have a tough time retaining the seat, especially after the issue of the MB selection, the use of Mercedes as official cars, the wrestling of oil royalty funds, Monsoon Cup and the construction of the crystal mosque. BN won the seat by a mere 628 votes (Arwah Datuk Razali garnered 32562 votes vs Mat Sabu's 31934 & Maimun's 685).
  • However, because of PAS' alignment with recalcitrant DAP which seeks to fight to the death to protect vernacular schools from being Malaysianized into one synchronized public school system, there might be some reservations from voters. Might. PAS might also face public pressure for its inability to continue fighting for their predetermined campaign causes before the formation of Pakatan Rakyat. Might. What is their stand on education? It has to be made clear lest they are comfortable being labeled as small time partner in the coalition. Perhaps we should just suggest to Kadazans and Ibans to have their own vernacular schools!
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