Monday, December 22, 2008

Parti Peguam Malaysia

So the Bar Council has in recent months been critical of government policies and religious issues, voicing out concerns about numerous issues on the basis of legality. The modus operandi of the council has been of a political party, more than anything else. After its failure to get Zaid Ibrahim to endorse their agenda to taint Mahathir and the infamous 'judicial crisis', which was after all with regards to judges who were dismissed by a panel of judges, they are now trying to extend cheap publicity by demonstrating their "impartiality" and quest for justice as a legal entity.

Both Hindraf and Bar Council have ostensible similarities. They are both run by rich Indian lawyers fighting for the rights of the 'oppressed' Indians in this country. Despite being so called 'luminaries' of the law fraternity, they are against the ISA which is an act of Parliament. In addition, they are instigating the Malays. If the Malays trigger incidents, it would be a pretext for further assault. They are pouring gasoline over the majority Muslims in this country by having an open forum on a religion of which they are not adept. The implication of this forum is such that Islam generates post-marital issues for non-Muslims whose spouses convert to Islam. Are they implying that the religion of 1 billion people are flawed that it merits a scrutiny by lawyers who are not even Muslims?

The recent Jerit rally was justified by the Bar Council as being legit and legal (it's a cycling rally, not a demonstration), even though children were brought along. The use of children in demonstration is an acceptable action says a spokesperson from BC on national tele, stating that children understand the woes of the parents therefore entitling them to participate in demonstrations. Sultan Selangor and IGPs comments.

With all the controversies surrounding the BC with alleged political influences and ties with Hindraf and such, no wonder Members of Parliament were against the BC to be part of the MACC.

I was told that the muslim lawyers in Persatuan Peguam Islam Malaysia are having a turf war with BC leadership. Unfortunately the big Muslim firms are not interested to wage the battle together, therefore leaving the small timers to be eaten alive.

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