Saturday, December 6, 2008

RMC New Campus & Events

Updates of the development of RMC new campus:

  • The Ministry of Higher Education has now intervened in the process for attaining IB status. The Ministry has concluded that the request cannot proceed without the Ministry's approval since IB falls under its purview. The implementation plan has now slipped to 2011.
  • The location of the new campus is now in question as to whether it is on Military reserve land, Government reserve land or some other owner's land.
  • The proposal to position a one-star general as Commandant has been politely declined (the current Commandant's pay grade is lower than the Director of Studies, thus making it extremely difficult for the two to work together and for the Commandant to execute his policies).

The most recent recruitment drive brings a total of 1017 applications nation wide. The criteria for selection is being questioned as to whether the minimum of 6 A's in PMR is based on the trial exam or actual. If one is to acquire 6 or more in his trials, get accepted and then later find out his has failed to achieve minimum of 6 in the actual, does he still qualify? OPA has requested this issue to be clarified.

OPA is also planning to organize a forum featuring YB Nasir Hashim and OP Rahman Embong. The topic will be about the future of race-based politics in Malaysia. This is scheduled to be in January 2009.

The second forum will be in February 2009 showcasing the former MCA president Tun Ling Liong Sik and former Minister Dato' Seri Radzi.

It is unfortunate that the newly constructed bar which was built without the knowledge of the committee will be used for liquor and booze for a Christmas celebration. Perhaps the OPA is becoming more modern and liberal. One OP was ostensibly captivated with this 'joyous' liberalization of alcohol in the building that he emailed his friends to come to show their support for this change in policy.

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