Thursday, December 18, 2008

Evaluating our future Deputy Prime Minister (and potentially Malaysia's 7th Prime Minister) Part 3

Enter Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (TSMY), a widely known figure whose strong roots sprouted from the strongest fort of them all, Johor. Having years and years of experience as UMNO Vice President, he is ready to move one notch up.

TSMY stood out since the blood bath of March 8th being the sole critique of the current administration. He was one of the bold ones to open up the can of worms and has been pushing for reform in Barisan Nasional. Although one might say that he carries a resemblance of Tun Mahathir as a Malay ultra, he fully acknowledged the importance of wooing support from the Chinese and Indians to solidify BN's position towards gearing up for the next election. He is after all one of the few cabinet ministers left from the Mahathir era, obviously he will inevitably carry some resemblance of Mahathir's style during his strict, decisive and firm regime. This is a plus point.

Just after the debacle of PRU-12, TSMY was adamant for regime change. He led the pack of recalcitrant ministers to scrap the 2010 transition plan. He patiently waited for DS Najib to announce his intentions before announcing his own, trying to avoid tripping himself and having to contest against DS Najib. A very noble gesture of a loyal confidante to Dato' Najib. The nomination numbers from UMNO divisions proved that TSMY's move has wide support within the party.

He was once affiliated to DS Anwar in 1993 as part of the Wawasan team, together with Md Taib and Dato' Najib. The Wawasan Team led by Anwar displaced Ghafar Baba as Deputy President of UMNO, Pak Lah and Sanusi Junid as Veeps.

He is quite a mysterious figure and does not surround himself with a horde of special officers and advisers. He's fully experienced in the federal and state apparatus (Johor Menteri Besar 82-95), becoming an MP an age 25. He is, without a doubt, poised and confident. In addition, he brings with him vast experience in the international arena. He is definitely in touch with the grass root people, especially the rural Malays. This was enhanced during his short stint as Minister of Agriculture. Lots of praises went around in the Ministry for his numerous initiatives to reinvigorate the slow-moving industry.

With all these credentials, unfortunately, he does not escape controversies. Who does in the political landscape of Malaysian politics? He was widely rumored to have stakes in several lucrative projects during his tenure as Menteri Besar, but the allegations remained as such.

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