Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Passing Out Parade 2008

It's been awhile since I woke up early.  Thanking God that RMC taught me one of the most crucial skills in life, the change parade, I took a quick shower, grabbed my clothes and clocked 10 minutes from PJ to Sungai Besi Army Camp.

Even after years of development in Kuala Lumpur, Sungai Besi seemed to have escaped it.  The old mamak where OPs normally congregate is still there, still packed with customers at 0630h. We had our official Malaysian breakfast of roti canai before rushing to our alma mater, the only high school in this country with Royal colors.  

The Passing Out Parade commenced after the arrival of Datuk Wira Abu Seman, Deputy Minister of Defence, Mindef SecGen and a barrage of 2-star and 3-star Generals.

The most ostensible change of format in the parade was the parade inspection by the saluting officer.  RMC has now adopted the usual trend in the Armed Forces of using the ceremonial jeep.

Foxtrot company came in 2nd place and it was quite shocking to learn that Alpha grabbed the covetous Commandant Trophy for best performing coy (was there any element of money politics at the Boy's Wing?)!  Foxtrot came in second for the second consecutive year.  The lucky number 8 went to the boys at Block A second floor.

I noticed a group of youngsters in their mid 20's donning sandals and t-shirts with graffitti, walking around the perimeters of the parade square, the holy ground of any military installation, with their uncombed spiky hair and loud yelling, taunting the "Pengawal Medan" during the parade.  The young OPs of recent years.  Bloody idle, disrespectful and lopong.  What went wrong, only God knows.

Rukun Putera?  This is something new.

Foxtrot boys, the eager fourth formers who just got promoted to the rank of senior

Even after 12 years since our passing out, this place still gives me the goose bumps.


jabbeer said...

At least 5K were used to erect that 'Rukun Putera' thingy. Benefits gained?

opcharlie said...

1. Patuh perintah
2. Tepati dan hargai masa
3. Lakukan Yang Terbaik
4. Amanah

hahahahahha bodo gile

bats said...

rukun putera... f*ck me, now i've seen it all.

the look on the Form 4 boys' faces say it all la.

good times. good times indeed.

opcharlie said...

dei bats, long time no hear. fuyo merajuk siot, ni dah macam barge.

anyway, who knows what this rukun putera is all about. I may be dumb, but if there's an RMC charter, why is there a rukun Putera??? plus the wordings are ackward, verbs and nouns combined. 1. patuhi. check out no.4, amanah.

btw, whether diorang cukup hell ke tidak, at least diorang tak claim kena hell and lie about it, hanging out at the parking lot with parents while watching batchmates kena change parade.

rats said...

Hmmmm...noticed this.....the ones yg tak kena hell, claim they banyak kena hell.

And the kuat tuang hell will also turn out to be chief raggers.

Young pernah go through stuff pulak, rilek jer.

jabbeer said...

I'm sure those buggers yg proposed this plaque dpt 2-3K atas angin. Konon2 nak menghabihkan budget RMC la bcos they underspent. Beli 'Powerbar' from Mantat pun lagi bagus, takdela asyik kalah je main sport.

bats said...

sori la anne. busy siot. serves me right for taking holidays mid-year la.

my problem with rukun putera is line 1. patuh perintah. wtf?!

although i can imagine the boys being confused about where they're actually being educated la, rmc or sm sg besi, not having to clean their own toilets and all.