Friday, September 5, 2008

RMC Penthouse

There's a big ruckus about the Old Putera Association having their annual Buka Puasa ritual in a different venue than the Penthouse. "The Penthouse", as we call it, is the 3rd floor of the Old Putera Association building located in Saujana, Shah Alam. It is our den where we house our secretariat staff, hold our Exco meetings and conduct events, fully equipped with audio/visual gear, veranda space for about 100 pax. It also has a spacious lounge with soft leather sofas and glass cabinets to exhibit the many trophies and souvenirs received from influential leaders of the land. The walls are full with framed photos of fond memories and newspapers clips of Old Puteras.

A few months ago, the veranda was remodeled and renovated to keep it enclosed and enabled air conditioning. This veranda was also equipped with a bar. Now, there is a heavy discussion and debate on the E-List about the renovation of the segment and specifically the bar. I intend to convince the Executive Council to issue a statement.


bats said...

the Penthouse is a swell place la. damn nice, away from everyone and everything.

i got a question... if there's so much opposition over this bar, why was it put there in the first place? who put it there? why no fuss when it was going in? now that it's in there, what is the real problem with it being there? i don't want to state the obvious because OPs tend to think differently.

As far as having buka puasa there, i think the bar should be closed throughout the fasting month, if anything, as a sign of respect. Having said that, respect is a two way road.

We're RMC boys... if we can't sort out things like this, forget the big picture and the country. As alway, this is my opinion and mine alone.

opcharlie said...

i was made to understand that it was a contribution from an OP, therefore not requiring the approval of the Exco.

Arip said...

hmmm. sounds not so right. if the logic of that follows, i can make any addition to the OPA penthouse without telling anyone and they would just have to accept it? the building was built from the donations of OPs, and left in trust to the OPA. the embodiment of the OPA's will is and must be the exco. this is a bad precedent, notwithstanding my having no problems with the bar on a personal level.

Stupe said...

Guys - anyone gonna go there and tear up someone's picture or not?

Else, lets jsut go there and be merry by drinking teh tarik and makan kurma.

opcharlie said...

let's go burn some flags!!!!

opcharlie said...

well, if you want to spare the money for the building and the president likes the idea, i'm sure you could add a spa and sauna without exco approval.

Stupe said...

Spa and Sauna...why not? Make it to a fullfledged club house! Bar, Surau, Pool Table, Karaoke, spa, Sauna, then, i bet many will line up to register as members.