Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Full blown Minister

  • So Senator Zaid Ibrahim will soon be made a full-fledged Law Minister.  What does "full blown minister" mean?  Will he have with own ministry?  How does this ensure a reform will be in order and how will this jive with the AG's chambers and judiciary branch?  Meanwhile, in KB, he has managed to garner 16 nominations and is in need of 8 more to qualify contesting for the Division Chief seat.  The acting Division Chief, Datuk Mohd Fatmi Che Salleh has 87 nominations.
  • TDM will rejoin UMNO to back Ku Li for the presidency.  It will be interesting to observe how this would affect the upcoming UMNO election and whether people dare to embrace change, whatever that change entails.
  • On teaching math and science in English:  there is indeed strong opposition to this policy.  We all want the best of our kids.  Of course there are flaws in the execution, i.e. incompetent teachers, lack of interest, rural boys struggling to cope, etc, etc.  Despite all its flaws and short comings, it is still a noble policy to get our kids up to speed.  If we are behind and we are crawling, how are we to catch up with the other race?  I'm happy to note that RMC has decided to adopt english as the teaching medium in the proposed International Baccalaureate program, set to commence in 2010.  
  • I was on Federal Highway heading to Shah Alam yesterday when I noticed some of our Jalur Gemilang flags, supposedly decorative articles for National Day, were on the ground and the ones still hung on the poles were obviously stained from exhaust fumes and dust.  Back in the old days at RMC, we were always trained to care for our flags.  I've never seen one anywhere close to the ground.  I'm not sure how the general public feels about it but it's a shame.
  • Puspakom will soon terminate 23 employees after the nation-wide blitz by ACA recently.  Shouldn't they be prosecuted in court instead?
  • Anwar finally admits Sept 16 may not happen.  Perhaps he forgot to mention what year.

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Stupe said...


it will be interesting to see what TDM could do. PM already upset that muhiddin asking him to step down.

and as for anwar and sept 16...who in their right frame of mind think it will happen? it's politics man! Kiri anjing, kanan pun anjing...

not only puspakom bro, police and the education ministry also like to "cold storage" or "move them to anohter district" pending, essentially all we get is some ppl that use up our tax money being seconded to other use up more money!