Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bravo Fellow Malaysians for Witty Comments and Wise Perspective of the World

Wow, what a guy. I was totally speechless to read this.

"Dear Jihadists and Suicide Bombers,Can you think of some economic solutions instead of bombing and killing people, no matter how many people you've killed, they still remain poor and helpless.Or you can consider dedicating your entire life to serving the poor,let your good deeds outshine Mother Teresa's!Don't die for Allah when you can't even live for yourself!"

>> Clearly the issue in Palestine has always been about land and sovereignty than religion. How do you propose attacking a 300,000 well-armed troops equipped with sophisticated squadrons of Falcons and Apaches? Suicide bombing has been the preferred choice due to its low cost, high impact, the easiness of sourcing for components and its low casualty (on the user's side of course) rating.

Wars have been waged for centuries in the name of God since the Crusades and the Roman empire.

How do you propose these people should come up with economic solutions when they lack education, proper health care and even decent shelter?

Suicide bombing may paint a disgusting picture of desperation and lack of faith. However, it is not any less respectable than massive killings using carpet bombing and precision weapons.


bats said...

wonder what economic solution a bomber would have? blow up all the banks and everyone on the sidelines dash in to grab the cash?

everyone's looking at US, Iran, Korea and so on... i doubt there is much awareness about Gazprom and the developments over in Russia.

i saw a documentary about the great vlady putin the other day. scared the hell out of me.

suicide bombers aside, there are some big ass bombs up in putinland.

benjaminloi said...

Dear Opcharlie:
Thanks for your comment! I travel extensively to many parts of Indonesia and the Philippine, I personally talked to Jihadists there, you can get a direct answer from them. Go to Afganistan and Pakistan and talk the Jihadists there...How they have indoctrinated the young to die for them.
What i am writing about is the fight between Shia'te and Sunni sects of Islam, please read my article...

My friend's father was killed in Iran-Iraq war.

For Palestine struggle to gain Independence, they could have gained it easily long ago, but they have been used and betrayed by all the Muslim countries in Arabian Peninsula to be placed at the frontier to create tensions and animosity between Muslims and the Jews.

Muslims and Jews are both the descendants of Ibrahim and they share similar customs (they don't eat pork, etc), there are less than 26 million of Jewish people in the world and the size of Israel is about the size of Johor state and it only occupies less 3% of land in the entire Arabian Peninsula.
If all the Muslims around the world "really" care for the plight of Palestinians, there are thousand of ways they can do to uplift the standard of living of Palestinians, on the contrary, the Arabian super-rich oil-producing countries want Palestine to be poor or at least seen to be poor, so that they can highlight the ill-treatment of Jewish people towards Palestinians...
If you would like to know more about it, i sincerely invite you to email me and we can talk about it, or debate professionally..

May the Peace of Allah reign in our country.Amin!


benjaminloi said...

Hi Opcharlie:
correction here- there are only less than 14 million of Jews in the entire world, and Israel has 5.6 million Jews.
I have a Palestinian friend in the US who told me how Palestine has been used by many Muslim countries to score political mileage.
The surrounding oil-rich Middle-east countries have never seriously thought of helping them!!
What they want is status-quo!