Monday, September 29, 2008

BN labelled racist?

Race-based parties perpetuate racism. Some may prefer to call this phenomenon racialism. But, what is the difference?

It is, therefore, the height of irony that the Barisan Nasional government should now choose to be a proponent of a Race Relations Act. If such a piece of legislation is truly intended to eliminate racism from the Malaysian community, it should outlaw any race-based political parties and organisations. Only then can we see the Malaysian community that is sensitised to racism.

My reply> if BN is to be blamed for racism, the structure of Pakatan should also be scrutinized especially its rogue semi-political organization Hindraf. How does one fathom ethnic cleansing in this relatively peaceful nation? DAP reeks of chinese domination while PAS and PKR are still dominantly Malays. Of course the multi-racial memberships of DAP and PAS can be credited as being 'Malaysian', same with UMNO and its Sabahan counterparts. The ultimate power and influence in the party is another issue. The National Front structure provides the solution for a 'Malaysian' identity. Agreed that it has lost ground in support but that's a different causality. There is nothing wrong with racial identification, that is what defines culture. Tolerance is what's lacking in our society. Freedom of speech and openness are also over-rated.

Let's see Anwar reshape the political landscape by 'integrating' all components of Pakatan Rakyat into one viable and cohesive Malaysian party. It's also the party members democratic rights to determine what the majority wants. So if the component parties are affiliated to racism, therefore we could conclude their members are. Because BN won majority yet again, therefore majority of Malaysians are racist? Funny how democracy works.

>> Update 1: Doesn't help Pakatan's political image right now with Kok and Tan Seng Giaw petitioning against the allegedly loud Azan. Ronnie Liu's incompetence in preventing another temple demolition is also a disgrace especially when it was the same ammunition used against Barisan in the last election.

I was told that the temple was built without permit and that is subject of another discussion.

Let's see Anwar abolish the so-called draconian act of parliament the ISA. Let's see him dismantle the New Economic Policy and create meritocracy if and when Pakatan wins the next election. He could call it Sept 16 agenda.

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