Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What's next after Permatang Pauh?

It will be hours till we know who would be crowned the new MP of Permatang Pauh and perhaps if DSAI wins, this is his first step to Putrajaya. Of course, desire and reality should not be colluded as one. If DSAI wins with a bigger majority, I reckon these would be people pissed off with BN, not so much of their support for DSAI. If he wins with a slimmer majority, perhaps the sumpah by Saiful made a huge impact. The one good thing about the by-election is the increase in business for the locals, whether it's the banana fritter hawkers or hotel owners. Whatever the outcome is, it will be back to normal for Malaysia with a staggering 7% inflation, low market confidence in Bursa and lagging economy.

Good that the price of petrol was reduced to give us a breather, whether it's politically motivated or not. Budget is coming its way in September promising more goodies for all Malaysians. Whether it's lower income tax or more rebates, hopefully the extra cash translated in our pockets would be put to good use and rejuvenate the sluggish econ.

Despite huge media coverage on inflation and such, I was quite surprised to find high-end properties sold out in recent launches around the city. These people, whether fortunate to have some inherited wealth or skillful in their business, are definitely not effected with the high oil price or inflation.

A big chunk of money in the Budget is expected to be spent for public transportation. The rise of usage ever since the fuel price hike has FINALLY made some leaders prioritize the issue. The challenge in implementation would be streamlining the many groups involved in this: MOF, Prasarana, MOT, PM's Office, RapidKL, local govts, vendors. Of course, everyone would be eager to be the champion.

DAP has announced its intention to oppose Malaysia being an Islamic state and abolish the NEP once and for all. With Tunku Aziz as their Deputy Chairman, they are supposedly showing off their multi cultural/racial stand. Aren't there more Chinese Excos in Penang now than before? Do you really think this Tunku Aziz would have any political clout whatsoever in the pre-dominantly Chinese party? Please lah. He was the Vice Chairman for Transparency International for 2 terms. What business does he have to be in a political party?

On another note, being a PJ resident, lotsa people were talking about changes during the General Election. Free water (which translated to about RM3 I think), Projek Khinzir Raksasa, etc, etc. I wrote an email to my DAP MP regarding pot holes in the area. I was amazed with the quick response from him. Within a couple of weeks, the pot holes were covered......with just sand. The sand eventually was gone and the pot holes were still there. So what's all this fuss about change?

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