Sunday, August 31, 2008

MISC tankers hijacked

NST today reported in page 29 that another MISC vessel "Bunga Melati Lima" was hijacked off the coast of Yemen. She had 36 Malaysian crews onboard. The hijackers were armed to the teeth, with RPG and automatic weapons. On Aug 19th, another vessel "Bunga Melati Dua" was hijacked with 29 Malaysians onboard. She was hijacked between Somalia & Yemen.

Our prayers to the crews. My surprise is how much priority we put into this. The news was way back on page 29 and this happened close to Independence Day. There is lack of updates as to what the authorities are doing and what has progressed (we may have dispatched our Paskal but could someone at least tell us). For someone who works 100 km from shore, open to all kinds of weather threats and piracy, I'm highly concerned that there is no urgency to inform the general public what our resolve is (if there is such) to end this standoff.

The media and relevant authorities need to answer these questions:

1. What are their demands with 2 ships laden with CPO and petrochemicals?
2. Is there beef with the Malaysian government?
3. How did the hijackers manage to board the ships with RPG and automatic weapons? Who do they represent?
4. What is the status of the crews?
5. What is being done to resolve the issue?

Everyone seems to be quiet about it, MISC, Navy, Government or maybe I do not get full coverage out here in South China Sea!

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bats said...

i doubt your location has got anything to do with the non-existant news man, cos even the MISC website press releases make no mention of it at all!

maybe they're taking the "no news is good news" approach.