Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The New Economic Invasion

So now we have Singapore having an interest in not just our GLC, but shopping malls as well. I'm sure there are economic reasons for this, but are these politically sound reasons? Just like free trade might be economically 'just' to some countries, however, it is labeled as a form of tyranny for smaller, developing countries.

Adding salt to the wound, we have Iskandar which benefits the rich (and we know where they're from) and we have a RM1B IT project awarded to a small-time Singapore-based company with Israeli directors. Is anyone not worried or bothered by these events (especially after losing one of our islands)???

It doesn't help to note that most of our radars are down and we have poor equipment for our soldiers to defend the border. If I'm wrong, please prove me wrong - I need to be enlightened!

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bats said...

they can only come in if they're invited in, and sure enough, our leaders are having open house all year round.

no harm in opening doors, but, i'm not having much hope when it comes to our leaders not getting caught with their pants down la.