Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tahniah Dato' Seri Najib! Now.... the hard part (Part 3)

DSNR also has to crack the whip as Chairman of Barisan Nasional. Component parties should act like partners and cease making statements contradicting the philosophies and agreed stand of the coalition. Every component leader should respect and safeguard each race's rights in the constitution. Stern actions should be taken for those who disobey. Is disciplinary action in order for SAPP and MCA (some UMNO leaders are at fault too)? We'll see. DSNR should also make his stand crystal clear (and he has made a clear position about the NEP). If he's for it, there shouldn't be any more discussion about it, especially from coalition partners. End of story. Crack the whip Dato' Seri, please.

Reforming UMNO and Barisan Nasional is no easy task. It doesn't even come close in the vicinity of a difficult task. It is extremely challenging but not impossible. This is a coalition in need of serious revamping and rebranding after the huge reduction in parliamentary and state seats that BN used to dominate.

On money politics, we all know what all politicians think of it. Now ACA and the UMNO disciplinary board are working together to nip this problem in the bud. However, the systemic problem remains. The number of delegates for any national or division are too small and easily influenced with promises of cash and positions. It's a 'manageable' number of delegates for contenders with serious cash and moolah. Increasing this number by 3-4 folds would help alleviate the problem for now.

This pandemic problem within UMNO is commonplace. The lack of quality members within the party is also obvious. It is widely known that the 'other side' boasts memberships of professionals, business leaders (should not include cronies who get projects easily from their political friends and end up selling them off to the chinese. It's especially true for those with zero knowledge of the business) and corporate figures with definitely better background. No disrespect intended for members who might be offended with this statement, but it's pretty obvious ("ukurlah baju di badan sendiri" (aspiration should match capability)). Clearly, a sudden injection of bodies would create a shock in the system. It has to be done in stages, which has to be guided and monitored by the party President himself.

We need to be realistic as these individuals won't be swayed with a mere RM500 to vote for joe black, for example. We might scorn the amount, but to some people, that's easy money so to speak. Unfortunately, because of the membership process, it takes months to get a form processed (assuming you're not considered a threat to incumbents within the division). A clear turn off for aspiring candidates and potential asset for the party.

Scrapping the quota system and opening up the race for any position could help curb the problem (if TS Muhyiddin wins uncontested this weekend, it should be his first agenda come March 09). Having a debate between contenders is also healthy to discuss issues and create awareness of the candidate's agenda and aim. The settings and audience can be catered for members first before we are ready to open it up publicly.

There is no doubt money is required for campaigning especially for national-level posts, travel expenses, staff salary, 'duit rokok', etcetera, etcetera. Here's what's funny. In the US, candidates conduct fund raising and the money is channelled for campaigning. It's the opposite here. Candidates normally end up forking out his own money most of the time. Perhaps it is time to make fund raising legal within certain threshold and stop making election a 'business' in the party.

Can we also scrap all the singing in meetings (except for the national anthem)?

Part 2

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bats said...

deep rooted problems eh?

this partnership of convenience (applies to both coalitions)concept will be hard to sustain la.

the lack of respect between the main players can never work to anyone's advantage. we're talkin big egos here.

only a pretty strong personality can keep a loosely formed coalition together.

and in my opinion, nary a strong personality in sight.