Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And the first African-American US President is now official

Obama wins by 189 electoral votes (338 to 149, 51% to 49% popular votes). The interesting point is that it is still a tight race in terms of popular votes, similar to the last election. Obama is just ahead by a few million votes. This demonstrates a significant fault line in American politics (at 12:30pm Malaysian time, Obama has 42.4M popular votes vs McCain's 39.7M). 62% of voters are interested in a massive US economic and financial restructuring, which is Senator Obama (now President)'s bullet point during the intense campaigning. To do this, President Obama needs to put in strict market regulations and reduce spending in Iraq amounting to about USD20B a month. His second presidential agenda is reducing oil dependency from the Middle East.

Florida was a massive win for Obama (27 electoral votes). Note that he won by a slim 100,000 popular votes only. North Carolina (17 electoral votes) was won by a mere 22,000 popular votes!!!! Ohio (20 electoral votes) was won by 90,000 popular. Very, very close election.

McCain got beat in his own state of Arizona, winning only 54% of the votes compared to Obama's 61 in Illinois.

The South showed an expected strong support for the Republicans.

Well done Mr President!

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