Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Working in Russia

It's probably not that bad now in Russia - not sure when these were taken. Maybe some small time co doing exploration in the middle of nowhere years (or decades) ago.


bats said...

is the o & g industry over there as regulated as it should be? strict safety regulations etc? is there a body that regulates the industry or each oil company has got it's own inspectors?

i mean.. you've seen our construction industry and funky stuff like heavy duty welding goggles which double up as ray bans on an afternoon out... watch out for those 500 kilo scaffolding components held together by tali rafia.

good times, mate. good times.

opcharlie said...

well the regulation is not as stringent as petronas. our standards are among the best in the world. safety is taken seriously there but not as seriously as we do here.

here is malaysia, the standards are audited by petronas the big brother. the standards in construction is considered ok by the oil field has higher ones just because when shit hits the fan, we get worse publicity :p

Razmahwata 'Wata' Mohd. Razalli said...

It the pay proportional to the state (and temperature) of the toilets? Survival tip: If it's below zero, don't let bare metal touch flesh, unless you want someone to get hot water and try to thaw you off.