Thursday, May 8, 2008

Excerpts from Royal Military College - The Port Dickson Years 1952 - 1961 (Part 2)

"The less than satisfactory marching skills of the first intake boys in their first public apperance prompted the authorities to put in a request for a top notch drill instructor. They got one in the shape of Warrant Officer Grade I George Franks from Her Majesty's Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards, whose motto Nulli Secundus - second to none - says it all".

"RSM Franks arrived in March 1953; and one could not ask for a better Sergeant Major to put the fear of God into the boys and, it has to be said, the drill instructors under his command".

opcharlie: This is classic. This is the very fundamental that we are losing track of - discipline. Nowadays, instructors can't even as much as nudge a boy without being hammered by the wrath of the generals whose son was nudged. RSM - the symbolic and highly respected figure on the parade square - is a figure filled with honor, discipline, courage, dignity. We can't even let him do his job, how are supposed to train up the boys to be leaders of the future. Do we want wimps leading our boys in green to battle?

I was made to understand that they are no more gatings, change parades, show parades and other military methods of keeping the boys in check. The once feared PT (Physical logs) logs are not to be found in front of the AO (Administration Officer)'s office. Officers can waltz into a room and no one would bother giving the proper salute. Attires are attrocious. What has happened? The whole system looks to be another Sg Besi high school.

ps: I have yet to receive permission to post excerpts from OP Shuhud's book and may have violated copy rights. I will follow up and if it is deemed illegal, the postings will have to go.


bats said...

remember RSM TD, the great Encik Mahyiddin? mate, that bloke was cool. with his misai and shite... cool as. when he spoke, even the damned flies at the square stopped dicking around and listened.

it was amazing being around them. they were all class. fear of god? yup, i remember that very well. good times.

i wonder how abon is doing? god bless him. he was another classic character.

bringin in RMC stories into your blog was a good move. absolutely lovin it.

i'll be back in 1.5 weeks mate. yeaaaaaaaa... can't bloody wait.

opcharlie said...

last I heard, abon was looking around for ajob. still residing around sg besi area.

cu when u get back mate.