Saturday, May 10, 2008

Excerpts from Royal Military College - The Port Dickson Years 1952 - 1961 (Part 3)

"Under the terms of the Education Ordinance, which was gazetted in March 1957, all schools in Malaya had to be administered by a Board of Governors. An administrative Order was circulated to the heads of the schools by the respective State Education Officers requiring them to establish such a Board as soon as was practicable and not later than 1st January 1958. The FMC was among the first to set up a Governing Board and its members were chosen by none other than the Chief Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman".

It's interesting to note that the Chief Minister (later Prime Minister) was personally involved in the selection of the Board members. This meant that the governing of the FMC was of high importance to fill up slots in the upper echelon of the military, public and private sectors in the years to come following independence. I do not have much details about the Board of Governors now but I was told that attendance was poor among the big stars and that the meeting are normally left to their deputies, some of which are not RMC products, thus the lack of "interest" is inevitable. OPA currently has suggested that the selection of board members be "advised" by the organization. It is important to have representations from OPs both civilians and military to preserve the quality of products for years to come. OPA has also suggested that the Board should have the ultimate say in deciding the candidates for the post of Commandant and Director of Studies and not just having someone who feels the post of Commandant is just another stepping stone in one's career.

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